We have some very sad news

Updated 2023.08.19

As many of you already know, the Virtual Kennel Club is going to close.

It is not going to happen immediately and it is not going to happen overnight. It will be a staged process and we will do everything we can to make sure that you can keep your VKC Pets after the VKC has closed.

The parks have already closed for new adoptions but the clinic is still open for updating or reclaiming pets.

The marketplace store will remain open for a few more weeks.

This is the roadmap to our closure:

1st October 2023:

The marketplace store will close.

From this point onwards, all updated/reclaimed pets will be copyable.
But, the Series I pets will no longer be transferable.

If you wish to transfer your older, Series I VKC Pets to a different avatar as their forever home, you must do it before 1st October 2023. There will be no further transfers after this date. There will be no exceptions. Not even from Enrico.

The Series I pets are now very dated, and very few transfers take place. But, if you do wish to transfer them to an alt or a friend, please take the opportunity to do so now.

31 December 2024: (Yes, that's 2024)

The Clinics will close at Midnight on 31 December 2024.
After that there will be no way to reclaim lost or broken pets.

If you still have transferable pets in your inventory at this time and you try to transfer them, they may be lost permanently. Neither you nor I will be able to recover them.

The VKC has been enormous fun and we will take away some very fond memories of what you, and we, have done. Some of you taught some amazingly cool tricks, took some fabulous photos and others leaped into action in our games and events. Thank you all for the enthusiasm and joy that you brought to our community and our pets.


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