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Modeling his group on the many Kennel Clubs that started during the Victorian Era in real life, Enrico Genosse founded the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC®) in Caledon. The first dog show in real life was held in 1859 as a social event for patricians to raise money for charity. Since many affluent Europeans owned pure-bred dogs, a dog show was a natural outlet for prosperous Victorians to engage their twin passions for exhibitions and instructive entertainment. Enrico wanted to mirror these values in his kennel club. 

The primary mission of the Virtual Kennel Club, the only official group for owners of VKC Dogs,  is to provide owners with a mechanism to know about updates, releases of new breeds, and events for their dogs. Further, its mission is to support VKC Dogs and host VKC Dog Events like classes, games, and contests. The Charter declares: “We are dedicated to sharing the love of dogs. Bring your dog to one of our parks to play, trade stories and shop for a VKC dog or dog-accessories.” 

When membership in the VKC was small there were free-wheeling discussions among the members, but as the group grew upwards of 700 members, the sheer quantity of chatter became unwieldy. Complaints came frequently enough to the VKC Officers and founder that in October 2007 Enrico announced a new Virtual Kennel Club Charter. This was an effort to bring order to the chaos and to soothe the frazzled nerves of those members who found a high level of chatter intolerable. Since then, group chat has been limited to official VKC announcements or requests for help and information. Also during this time, membership became limited to invitation only. Invitations were available for the asking from the Officers of the VKC.

Members are encouraged to still use the chat feature of the Virtual Kennel Club for the free and open exchange of ideas, questions, and opinions about dogs but to pursue the ensuing conversations privately. Explicit prohibitions exist against soliciting or advertising, distributing objects or note cards without permission, seeking donations, making derogatory comments, and using aggressive behavior. 

These new rules went a long way toward quelling most of the dissatisfaction, but some people felt that the discussions were now too restricted. 

In January 2009, Enrico again changed the Charter. For the first time, people who wanted to join the Virtual Kennel Club had to pay a fee of L$100. All existing members could continue in the club without cost. Charging this fee instead of closing the enrollment allowed anyone who was interested to join at their convenience while simultaneously allowing Enrico to protect the membership from griefers and abusive talk, as well as preventing unauthorized use of his membership list, both of which had been problems episodically in the history of the Virtual Kennel Club. Although there was an initiation fee in the VKC as there is in real kennel clubs, the Officers, without hesitation, would pay the fee on behalf of those who showed a sincere interest but who cannot afford the Linden Dollars.

With the release of the 2009 Christmas surprise — the Polar Bear, a limited edition VKC creation — the enrollment fees jumped for a few days. During this time, half of the fees were donated by Mr. Genosse to the World Wildlife Fund, plus all members, new and old, were able to pick up one Polar Bear at absolutely no cost. After this special promotional period ended, the enrollment fee dropped to zero. ❧

Join the VKC Today!

The Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) Group was founded by the VKC Dogs' creator, Enrico Genosse, in 2006. It is the ONLY official Group for owners of VKC Dogs and is the sole trustworthy source of information on the dogs. Please do not be fooled by unaffiliated groups purporting to be more popular or more informative replacements. Choose the Virtual Kennel Club for all your VKC information.

Membership in the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) is by open enrollment and free to all. If you would like to join the VKC, please do any of the following:

  1. Search for Virtual Kennel Club, then click on "Join Group."
    After you join, please IM an Officer to upgrade your role so you can use the full privileges of the group.
  2. Talk to a VKC Proven Trainer or Officer today
  3. Send an Instant Message (IM) to a VKC Proven Trainer or Officer

As the VKC strives to find ways to make it easier to join the group while still protecting the members from unwanted spam, a new role was created in mid-July 2010, the role of Patron. Originally, everyone the VKC sported this "Patron" tag. Now that the VKC has added the new role, members can select which tag to wear: Member of the VKC or Patron of the VKC. Patrons have as many privileges as ever, and can perform the following group actions:

  • Join Group Chat
  • Join Group Voice Chat
  • Receive Group Notices and view past Notices
  • Can 'Set Home to Here' on group land

Some people in SL would have you believe the falsehood that only the "elite, selected members" can have full group privileges. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. All members in good standing are welcome to ask questions, contribute to the discussion in the group chat, and enjoy the full member privileges of the group. If you cannot take part in the chat or need assistance with any Virtual Kennel Club group function, please contact one of the VKC Proven Trainers or Officers.

VKC Proven Trainers - We Are Here to Help You.

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