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Virtual Kennel Club Charter

Revision 3, January 2009

We are dedicated to sharing the love of dogs. We operate several dog parks around SL where you can bring your dog to play, trade stories, and shop for a VKC® dog or dog-accessories.

We mainly support VKC Dogs, created by Enrico Genosse, and host VKC Dog Events like classes, games, contests, and new dog releases.

We encourage
  • Dogs at our parks! We welcome dogs from any maker.
  • Free and open exchange of ideas, questions and opinions about dogs.
  • Meeting with friends to play with your dog and chat.
  • Requests for assistance.
We prohibit
  • Spam of any form. (solicitations, free offers, product announcements)
  • Distributing free objects or notecards without permission.
  • Derogatory comments about people or products.
  • Solicitation of donations.
  • Griefing or aggressive behavior, especially by using VKC Dogs.
Please read carefully. The prohibitions are few, but we take them very seriously and will act to curtail any of these actions in the Group IM or in our Parks. Think "banishment."