Accessorizing Your VKC® Pets

The early history of products for your pets

From the beginning, Enrico Genosse knew that the dogs would need something to do. This is why he created the first toy, a redball with a copyable script inside. By making the script copyable, he reasoned, anybody could place the script inside anything and make the object a toy with which the dog would play. 

Soon toys of all sizes and descriptions were being created. Tracee Seelowe and Basement Desade marketed the first accessories for the VKC dogs. Although she herself has moved on in her interests, one may still purchase Miss Seelowe's houses, beds, toys, and bowls at Turing Isle. Mr. Desade also has progressed to other creative outlets. 

Taking the basic idea of adding a toy script to an object a step or three further, Chiva Vavoom, the first vendor at Turing Isle and the only vendor to receive a personal endorsement from Mr. Genosse for the quality of her scripting, led the way in writing new scripts for the toys, beds, bowls, furniture, rugs, and dog houses she makes. The Vavoom! products are scripted so that they tell your dog to play with them or to use them. They are now available at several locations throughout SL as well as at her main store at Turing Isle

Through a "hands-across-the-pond" relationship, Blu Sparkle and Sandry Logan have created several useful tools for working with the VKC Dogs. Foremost among these is their LogSpark Dog Locator. With this handy device, you can find your dog no matter where in the region the dog has wandered and have him returned to you at the push of a button.

Eventually, the VKC world became flooded by low quality toys that used various SL Freebies and miscellanea along with Mr. Genosse's toy script from the original red ball. "There must be a better way to handle toys that maintains the quality of the toys at the same high level as the dogs," thought Mr. Genosse. He invited all creators who maintained a shop in world to submit samples of their wares. Working slowly because he never lost focus on his main goal of continually improving and expanding the VKC Pets, he examined each offering and judged its quality, originality, and authenticity. What emerged was the VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program, your guarantee of high quality and authentic toys and accessories for your VKC Pets.

By now, enterprising residents have made all sorts of beds, bowls, dog houses, and toys for the dogs, bears, hyenas, puppies, wolves, and cats. You will find products that cover the full spectrum of options in terms of quality, creativity, and price. There are products for every budget and interest. ❧

Fido's or Felix's First Toy

When you adopt a VKC Pet, you not only will receive the pet of your choice but there is a toy box full of free toys with which your VKC Dogs, Bears, Wolves, Puppies, and Cats will be delighted to play.

Drop by any of the VKC Dog Parks, touch the sign for the toy box on the Information Kiosk, and receive a set of toys for free.

What to Feed the VKC® Pets

Like our avatars, the VKC Pet will eat or drink for fun, but they do not require virtual nourishment — other than perhaps our love.

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