Charitable Record

For several years, part of the proceeds from adoptions of the Widget (VKC Mutt) and the Black Great Dane go to support animal-oriented charitable causes in the real world. We want this charitable process to be transparent to all. The list of recipients and amounts will be updated regularly to reflect how the funds are handled.

Would you like to support a RL dog-related charity and have fun in SL at the same time? Adopt a Widget or a Black Great Dane today in a VKC Park or on Marketplace to support this worthy idea!

Our Most Recent Charity

Rez Dog Rescue is a local group going out to the Indian Reservations in South Central Montana and rescuing dogs and finding them good homes. The dogs are spayed or neutered, provided puppy/dog vaccines, given good food and loving home. Most of the rescue dogs are underweight, mangy when found The older ones have usually not been treated well most of their lives. They all end up being wonderful companion dogs. Some take more time then others to trust and love people again. That is where our fabulous foster families come in. They help dogs gain weight back, gain their hair back, gain their trust back.

Since the organization not have a shelter building, all of the dogs are cared for in foster homes. This gives them a start on already learning what its like to live with a family. We are very grateful to all the families who open their homes to our dogs and care for the until they find families to call their own.

What's Next?

We are currently accepting nominations for the next animal-related charity that supports the rescue of RL cats and dogs. 

If you would like to nominate your favorite, please drop a notecard into Idea, the Suggestion Puppy, at the Turing Isle VKC Park. Be sure to include the web address for your charity and feel free to add a bit telling the world why this charity is your favorite.

History of Giving

* In April, we suddenly realized that we were somewhat overdue in making donations for our charities, so we divided the sum three ways and donated the same amount to each of these three charities.

Summary of Giving

Since this program of charitable giving began in December 2009, the Virtual Kennel Club has donated US$ 4,818 to these real-world charities.

In addition, the VKC has donated L$168,000 to Relay for Life of SL via the RFL Great Dane Project and L$22,000 to Relay for Life of SL via the Rabbit RFL 2013 Project, plus L$14,000 to the Japan Earthquake Animal Relief (JEARS) via Project Fur Japan, a project in Second Life.

How You Can Participate

Obviously, one thing you can do is to adopt any of the VKC Charitable Pets in full confidence that a significant percentage of the adoption fee will be converted to US dollars and be sent to the current charity. Then play with your pet, teach it new skills, and enjoy the warm feeling that you get not only from your interactions with the pet but from knowing that you've done a good thing.

The current VKC Charitable Pets are:

The second thing you can do is nominate a RL Charity for consideration as a future recipient of the VKC charitable donation. The review committee gives careful consideration to each nomination, investigating the charitable record of the organization and considering the location of its efforts. The committee strives to choose charities with low overhead so that the vast majority of the funds actually go to helping animals. The committee also seeks to choose organizations from all over the globe. If the charity is a shelter, the committee seeks assurances it is a no-kill shelter.

Do you have a favorite dog-related charity? In world, add a notecard to Idea, the Suggestion Puppy, conveniently located at Turing Isle VKC Park, to make your nomination. Be sure to include the website for your charity and feel free to add a bit telling the world why this charity is your favorite.

Chart showing the most recent charitable donations made by the VKC

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Scanned image of thank-you note from GSRA