FAQ — Flying Dogs

posted Sep 26, 2011, 3:22 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Oct 7, 2014, 9:31 AM ]
Q. My dog is always on the roof or bouncing off of the ceiling. Why won't my Fido be a more down-to-earth dog like my sister's dogs are?

A. The VKC Pets are active and curious creatures that love to investigate and play. When they get bored, they will look around for something to do. If there are any avatars around, they will probably go to the avatar and do something like sit, speak, beg, or perform one of their tricks. 

If nobody is around or if the avatars are all busy and not paying attention to the dogs, they will search around for something interesting to sniff and stare at. They love active, scripted objects of all sorts, but nothing amuses them as much as things like poseballs and security orbs. If you have placed any of these items in the upper floors of your building or in the sky, the bored dogs may decide to fly up and take a close look at them.

The best way to keep your pets grounded is to turn on Pathfinding. A pet with PF enabled will run, walk, saunter, sashay, ramble, sprint, gambol, meander, or stroll, but will never fly or end up on rooftops.

Another solution is to move the attractive nuisance. If removal is  not possible, then you will need to consider distracting or restricting your dog. Toys placed in his play area can be distracting. If he knows tricks to play with his toys, he is more likely to pick up a toy than to fly off to stare at some object. Especially good are active toys that randomly and silently call the dog to play with them. These can be turned off or removed when you want your dog to stop playing with them.

Vavoom! has some excellent toys of this type.

If you need to restrict your dog, there are a couple of options. You can place your dog in passive mode by saying, "fido passive". This command tells Fido that he should stop thinking for himself and only follow your commands (or commands from any nearby avatar you have not muted for him). When you want him to be an active, thinking dog again, you can tell him, "fido active".

The second option for restricting your dog is to use the stay command to keep him in an area away from the object. Call him to an area away from the problematic object. Once he is there, tell him, "fido stay 10" or "fido stay 12.5" or "fido stay 21". You can select any number you wish with the stay command knowing that this will place an invisible fence around your dog. The number in this command refers to a distance in meters in front of the dog, behind the dog, and to each side of the dog.