Trick — Teaching Your Dog to Teleport

posted Sep 26, 2011, 1:29 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 3:57 PM ]

There was a girl at my class last weekend who wanted her dog to be able to get around her friend's castle. From her description, the narrow spiral staircases sounded difficult for avatars to navigate let alone the dogs. So we set up a couple of floors on different levels and made a mark called downstairs and a mark called upstairs. Then I showed her how to make the dog teleport himself between them using some advanced movement controls:

fido go upstairs 8

Then she explained that the castle was huge and that she'd like him to be able to get to not only different floors, but different rooms on different floors. We decided that we needed to make our teleporting technique into a proper trick with a placeholder:

fido learn tp moveto _ 0 0 8

She can now say: fido tp upstairs or fido tp ballroom or even fido tp dungeon and he will teleport himself to any place that she sends him.

Remember that the dog will be non-physical when he lands at his teleport point so when you first tell him to do something that requires him to move somewhere, he will hop up into the air before he becomes physical again.

Teaching how to teleport works well for dogs who roam on a sim filled with dog traps where the dog might get stuck, for example, in the water under a walkway or sometimes even under a cave or between the cave walls. It also works well if you live in a house filled with furniture and walls that might trap your dog. 

You can add a "pop" to the trick so the dogs get into a standing position and become physical again after the teleport.

fido learn tp moveto _ 0 0 8 pop

The dogs couldn't use the tp trick on their own because of the underscore. The dog has to be told something to go into that place. But, having taught the generic tp trick with the placeholder, you could then have a tp trick. For example: tpgarden

fido learn tp moveto _ 0 0 8 pop

and then

fido learn tpgarden tp garden 

In this example, the dog would teleport to the mark named garden. The dog could do that on her own, but I'm still not sure how much use it would be to her.