Getting Started

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new pet from the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC®).

What to do first

You'll find an object with the name of the breed or race you selected in your Objects folder. Drag the object with the name of your pet's breed from inventory onto the ground in front of you (rez him). DO NOT open his contents like you would a box of clothing or you'll break your pet. Once your pet appears, he is ready to go.

Telling your pet what to do

You can command him now by typing commands into the chat window like "pup sit" or "pup come." You can get a list of all the commands your pet knows if you type, "pup help."

One of the first commands you should give your pet when you rez him is "pup settle." Settle is a command that tells him not to wander around outside of the parcel where you rezzed him. He will be less likely to get lost if you use this command every time you rez him.

Naming your pet

You should rename your dog right away. Say "pup name" then his new name, like "pup name Spot the Magnificent." You should name your dog with proper capitalization, but you can use all lower-case when you command him.

How do I make contact with my pet?

You can right-click on your animal and select "Pet me" from the menu. Try it! We think you will be pleased. 

If your pet is pathfinding-enabled, then you can choose from among three petting animations using the setpet command. The choices are stroke, hug, or scratch.

What else should I know right away?

To put your dog back in inventory, right-click on him and select "Take."

Don't forget to pick up some free toys for your dog from the Information Kiosk near the VKC Clinic in the Parks. We also have a number of vendors in and around the parks with a wide range of fabulous accessories for your dog. Look for the Registered Accessory Creator signs in their stores.

Make a note in your diary to visit our VKC Parks and give your dog a regular check-up at the VKC Clinic where he will get any new software updates.

Oh no! My pet is lost.

If your pet ever runs off and gets lost, do not despair. The VKC Clinic can find your pet and return him to you. Go to a VKC Clinic in one of the VKC Parks, stand near the clinic building, and type in chat, "claim fido" (if your pet is named Fido) or "claim pup" if you have not named your new pet yet.

Getting help and making friends

If you ever need help with your pet, you can consult any of the VKC Proven Trainers or you can ask in group chat. If you want some assistance by one of our trainers, go up to the VKC Clinic in any of the VKC Parks, stand near the clinic building, and type "help" in chat.

Please know that as a new owner of a VKC Pet, you have joined an active and friendly community. If you are not already a member, please consider adding yourself to the Virtual Kennel Club group or at least touching the subscribe-o-matic in one of the VKC Parks so you hear about new script updates for the pets, new releases, and events that are of general interest to the VKC community.

If English is not your first language, please visit check out our VKC Essentials page. We have instructions in many languages! Click on the flag below that is associated with your language.

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Thanks and ENJOY!

— Enrico Genosse