Bichon Frise


    The Bichon Frise is a cuddly little dog who looks perfect whether carried in your arms or trotting alongside you.

The Bichon was a surprise birthday gift from Mr. Genosse to Blu Sparkle.


  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, getbone, howl, itch, roll, rove, sniff, speak, wag, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination or an object; for example, "Fido go Sandry" or "Fido run redball" or "Fido greet Chihuahua")
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name a destination)
  • Special command: fetch (Requires a redball toy, free at VKC Dog Parks)

These instincts are not described in any detail because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together.

Special Poses

The Bichon Frise has a sweet animation for petting him. The avatar pats her legs to get the little dog's attention, then gets down on her knees to play with the dog. The dog responds warmly to these overtures and interacts with the avatar playfully.

Special Commands

  • here

This command tells the dog to jump into the arms of its owner. When an owner gives this command to the dog, the avatar bends down just in time to catch the little dog as it leaps into the arms of its owner. The owner can then walk around and even TP while holding the dog. Only the owner may give this command and the owner must grant permission for the command to work.

Permission: Before the "here" command will work, the owner of the dog must give permission to allow the dog to animate his avatar. To do this, use the following command:

  • attach

A menu will appear seeking permission to animate the avatar. Click "yes" to grant permission. The dog will remember this permission until it is revoked by the owner, so this usually is a one-time command. Once the dog has permission to animate the avatar, the owner only needs to use the command "here" to get the dog in his arms.

Stop Carrying Dog: To stop carrying the dog, the owner should right-click on the dog and select drop from the pie menu. The dog will jump down to the ground. If you prefer, you may right-click on the dog and select detach from the pie menu. In this case, the dog will appear in your inventory.

Color Options

The color of the collar on the bichon can be changed using the collar and c-color commands.

  • collar reset (restores the collar to its original green color)
  • collar hide (makes the collar invisible)
  • collar show (makes the collar visible)
  • c-color 100 0 0 (adds a deep red tone to the collar)

Prim Count

Prims — 30

Land Impact — 37

Important Dates

Released: July 2007

Retired: September 2015

Although the Bichons are in retirement, they still receive the full support of the VKC. They can be updated and claimed at the Dog Clinics and the VKC Proven Trainers will continue to help you with these breeds, just like always.

Petting the VKC Bichon Frise

Holding the VKC Bichon Frise