The Bloodhound was the first dog in the VKC. With no particular breed in mind, Mr. Genosse began assembling some prims. Almost as though the dog had trailed him, the prims took on a shape. “Voilá!" Mr. Genosse exclaimed. "I had a bloodhound." With the scripts for the dog all ready to go, he placed them into the bloodhound and, Bo, the first VKC dog was born.


  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, getbone, howl, itch, roll, rove, sniff, speak, wag, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination or an object; for example, "Fido go Sandry" or "Fido run redball" or "Fido greet Bichon")
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name a destination)
  • Special command: fetch (Requires a redball toy, free at VKC Dog Parks)

These instincts are not described in any detail because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together.

Special Poses

When petting this dog, the avatar kneels down beside the Bloodhound who responsively rolls over to allow his belly to be rubbed.

Color Options

You can use the commands color and tint with the Bloodhound, but only the neck and torso will change color. It takes a delicate touch to customize the colors on this dog. The underlying color of the dog will affect your color choices.

Prim Count

Prim Count — 31

Land Impact — 29

Important Dates

Released: August 2006

Retired: January 2012

Although the Bloodhounds are in retirement, they still receive the full support of the VKC. They can be updated and claimed at the Dog Clinics and the VKC Proven Trainers will continue to help you with these breeds, just like always.

The Bloodhound has been replaced by Bloodhound II. You can Regenerate your original Bloodhound to Bloodhound II for a small fee, at the Regeneration Station in the Dog Parks.

Petting the VKC Bloodhound