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Artificial Disobedience

VKC Dogs are renowned for being very obedient and eager to please. 

But VKC Cats are different. They’re not content to be just an ultra-obedient virtual pet. They have even more of a mind of their own than the dogs. Sometimes they do what you want and sometimes not. Your VKC Cat will disobey your commands and perform a different action instead approximately half the time.

Always obeys some commands

There are some commands, however, that are immune to the Artificial Disobedience because you probably don’t want to have to chase the cat around just to get her to settle on your land or something like that. So the following list of commands are always obeyed:

  • comehere — works just like “come” but always obeyed.
  • help
  • mode
  • name
  • obey
  • pf
  • ping
  • roam
  • settle
  • stay
  • setpet
  • status
  • tp
  • water


There are also two ways to ensure that your cat obeys your wishes. Note, we use the name Felix in these examples. You should use your cat's name.

  1. Use channel 1. For example, if you type, 
           /1 felix sit (your cat will always sit)
  2. You can turn the Artificial Disobedience on and off with the obey/disobey commands. For example:
    felix obey (turns artificial disobedience off and your cat does whatever you ask)
          felix disobey (turns artificial disobedience on and your cat obeys you about half the time, more or less)