The Doberman, or Doberman Pinscher, is a sleek, well-mannered dog, loyal and loving, energetic and lively. They make wonderful family pets.


  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, getbone, howl, itch, roll, rove, sniff, speak, wag, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination or an object; for example, "Fido go Sandry" or "Fido run redball" or "Fido greet Bichon")
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name a destination)
  • Special command: fetch (Requires a redball toy, free at VKC Dog Parks)

These instincts are not described in any detail because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together.

Special Poses

To pet the Doberman, the avatar kneels in front of the dog and strokes it lovingly. The dog responds warmly with a doggie smile and a wagging tail.

Color Options

You can use the commands color and tint with the Doberman, but only the tan markings and the highlights of the dog will change color. Coloring the Doberman has a subdued effect.

Prim Count - 31

Land Impact - 30

Release Date

March 2007

Petting the VKC Doberman