Great Dane


The Great Dane presents a large and imposing figure but inside he is a friendly and loving dog — a gentle giant. Because of their size, they can be a bit alarming when they gallop up to say hello, but they are generally well-disposed toward people and other animals.

The VKC Great Danes are the first dogs in SL to have individual toes. In this case, the toes come without extra overhead. The toes are part of one-prim feet on the dog and, yes, they appear as individual toes. On the underside, you will see the individual pads for the toes and foot.

On 30 March 2012, the VKC released a Special Edition RFL Great Dane. This dog, which has a black coat, sports a special bandana in addition to a set of collar textures unique to this dog alone. There is also a petting animation exclusive to this dog. Most importantly, a portion of the adoption fees for the RFL Great Dane was donated in support of Relay for Life of Second Life and the search for a cure for cancer. By the end of RFL in 2012, Mr. Genosse donated the equivalent of US$611.

In April 2013, the VKC released the Black Great Dane to join the Widget as the second charitable dog. Each month, a portion of all adoption fees for the Black Great Dane are donated to RL dog-related charitable organizations. A new charity is chosen regularly from among those nominated by members of the VKC or anyone else. Adopting a Black Great Dane from the VKC means that you are helping real life dogs to have a chance of finding a forever home. How cool is that!?

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  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, getbone, howl, itch, pounce, roll, rove, sniff, speak, wag, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination or an object; for example, "Fido go Sandry" or "Fido run redball" or "Fido greet Bichon")
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name someone or something (another scripted object, like another VKC Pet, for example) to follow: "Fido follow Solcar" or "Fido follow Felix")
  • Special command: fetch (Requires a redball toy, free at VKC Dog Parks)

These instincts are not described in any detail because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together.

Pathfinding Instincts

  • explore
  • patrol
  • hidefrom
  • pf on/off

These features work only when your dog's pathfinding is enabled. Say, "Fido pf on" to enable pathfinding. To get the best out of this new feature, you may need to do a little work on your land to optimize it for Pathfinding. 

Please watch out in the VKC Group for announcements of Pathfinding Classes. If your land is not ready, or your landlord has disabled Pathfinding, your dog will still be able to work in "Traditional Mode." Say, "Fido pf off" to enable traditional mode.

Special Commands

The name Ella is used here as an example. You should use your dog's actual name or the general name, dogs, to command your dog.

touch (this requires the name of an object you want the dog to touch)

Say: ella touch ball

It is important to mention that touch is designed to allow the dog to touch small objects and intended to be incorporated into your tricks, for example ringing the bell. It will not work very well if you tell your dog to touch an avatar or a large object like a house or tree.

ears — The Great Dane's ears can be natural or cropped. This is an owner-only command.

Say: ella ears up (the dog's ears will appear cropped)

Say: ella ears down (the dog's ears will be naturally floppy, and triangular.)

Special Poses

When you pet this dog the avatar stands beside the dog facing in the same direction, then kneels down beside the dog. Then the avatar puts his arm the dog as the dog leans toward the avatar. Finally, the avatar pats the dog on his chest. It is such a sweet animation.

Solcar Amat of Amat Animations provided the RFL Great Dane with its own petting animation.

With the addition of pathfinding skills to these dogs, they now have three petting animations, controllable with the setpet command. This command takes three values: hug, scratch, or stroke. For example, you can say,

Ella setpet hug

The following poses add liveliness and charm to tricks you teach your dog. They must be used with the command pose. For example, to get the dog to bow down in the play pose, you would say, "Ella pose play."

  • beg2, beg3 (slight variations of the beg pose)
  • bellyup2, bellyup3 (similar to bellyup but dog holds his head and tail in different positions)
  • down2, down3, down4, down5, down6, down7, down8 (slight variations of the down position)
  • drop (pose to drop a toy or other object from his mouth)
  • play, play2 (slight variations of the play bow)
  • rise, leap, land (this is a trio of poses that are part of the instinct pounce)
  • sit2, sit3, sit4, sit5 (slight variations of the sit pose)
  • stand2, stand3, stand4, stand5 (slight variations of the stand pose)

Color Options

The Great Dane is available with a Black, Fawn, or Harlequin coat. There also is a Special Edition RFL Great Dane who has a black coat.


The collar on these dogs provides a wealth of control for customizing it. There are 41 textures built into the collar. You can change the texture by simply clicking on it or you can use the collar command along with a value between 00 and 40.

For example, say, 

ella collar 01 (for a nice dark brown collar) 

or say,

dogs  collar 27 (for a lovely brown leather woven collar)

(Click to enlarge the contact sheet)

The Special Edition RFL Great Dane has a different set of collar choices that are unique to this dog along. The collar works exactly in the same way as the collars on the other dogs, but this set of textures is available only on this dog.

Contact sheet of textures for the collar on the VKC Special Edition RFL Great Dane
(Click to enlarge the contact sheet)

The collar also can be changed using the c-color (which stands for collar-color) command. Although you can use any of the textures when you use the c-color command, you will get the truest colors if you begin with either of the white leather textures (collar 00 or collar 15). Remember, we are using the name Ella here as an example. You should use your own dog's name or the general term "dogs" when you give these commands.

Say, for example,

dogs collar 00 c-color 255 255 0 

to make the collar bright yellow leather.

To remove or restore the collar, use the following commands:

  • collar reset (restores the collar to its original color)
  • collar show (shows the last collar the dog was wearing)
  • collar [number] (use any of the collar values to show that collar)
  • collar hide (makes the collar invisible)


Except for the RFL Great Dane, these dogs all sport the same bandana (scarf) as most of the VKC Dogs. This bandana comes in 40 different textures. You can change the texture simply by click on the bandana or you can use the bandana command along with a number between 0 and 40. The bandana commands are similar to the collar commands. Remember, we are using the name Ella here as an example. You should use your own dog's name or the general term "dogs" when you give these commands.

For example, say, 

dogs bandana 10 (for a neutral bandana pattern, suitable for coloring)

or say,

ella bandana 35 (for a sophisticated dotted bandana in burgundy)

Contact sheet of Bandana choices for VKC Dogs
(Click to enlarge the contact sheet)

The Special Edition RFL Great Dane sports a set of bandana textures that add to its specialness.

(Click to enlarge the contact sheet)

You'll find several of the bandana textures in pale or neutral colors so you can choose one of these and then use a use the b-color (which stands for bandana-color) command to create a custom bandana color for yourself. Of course, you can use any of the bandana textures as your base texture before coloring, but you will get the truest colors if you start from a neutral texture.

For a simple example, say,

ella b-color 0 0 129 

to add a navy blue tone to the bandana the dog is currently wearing.

To combine bandana and b-color commands, say, for example,

dogs bandana 16 b-color 255 105 180 

to make the bandana on the RFL Great Dane with hot pink bones on a dark background or to make the scarf on the other Great Danes an interesting shade of orange.

To remove a custom color, you can use the bandana reset command which will restore the bandana to its original color and texture. 

ella bandana reset

To hide the bandana, use the bandana hide command 

ella bandana hide

To show it again, use bandana show or one of the texture numbers.

ella bandana show or ella bandana 10


The Great Danes are not transferable. If you wish to give one as a gift, please use the Gift Vendors in our VKC Dog Parks.

You can also send a dog as a gift from our Marketplace Store.

Prim Count

Prims — 32

Land Impact — 40

Release Dates

December 2011 — Fawn and Harlequin Great Danes

March 2012 — RFL Great Dane

April 2013 — Black Great Dane

* When Mr. Genosse and his staff conceived this plan, all agreed that half the adoption fee of this special edition dog would be donated to RFL of SL. While we remain steadfast in this decision, organizers of this worthy charitable event cannot reveal the amount of the VKC donation without violating ethical considerations and the SL Terms of Service. As a result, advertising the actual amount creates an accountability issue for them. Instead of naming the amount of the intended VKC donation, the VKC agreed to announce that we will offer a "portion of the proceeds from each adoption of the RFL Great Dane" to RFL of SL. The VKC encourages everyone to give generously to support cancer research.
Enrico Genosse stands in the doorway of his workshop with the RFL Great Dane

Enrico Genosse stands in the doorway of his workshop
just before releasing the RFL Great Dane.

RFL Great Dane   RFL Great Dane

The RFL Great Dane pictured above is a Special Edition Black Great Dane with a changeable bandana. Fifty percent of the adoption fees are donated to Relay for Life of Second Life.

Harlequin Great Dane

The Harlequin Great Dane.

Harlequin Great Dane with natural ears   Harlequin Great Dane with cropped ears

The Harlequin Dane can have natural or cropped ears.

Great Danes at play

The Great Danes at play.

Fawn Great Dane with natural ears   Fawn Great Dane with cropped ears

The Fawn Great Dane can have natural or cropped ears.

VKC Great Danes at rest

The Harlequin (l) and Fawn (r) Great Danes.