The Series II Rabbits have many, many more features than any of the previous ones. In fact, they now have pretty much the same features as the VKC Dogs and other VKC Pets that you know and love.

The Rabbits were introduced as a prize in the VKC Bunny Hunt, a hunt that required one of your VKC Pets to work cooperatively with you to find and flush the bunny so you could click on it. 


The rabbits have most of the same instincts as the VKC Dogs, but notable exceptions are that they don’t speak or howl. However, they do have a few of their own, such as clean, smell and scratch.

If you are in world with your rabbit, you can see the list of instincts that the rabbit knows using the help command.

  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, wag, speak, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination; for example, "Mimzy go Sandry" or "Mimz run redball" "Mimzy on bed" or "Mim greet Bloodhound". In the case of get, you must name a toy; for example, "Mimzy get carrot".)
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name a destination)
  • Special commands: clean, ears, scratch, smell

Pathfinding Instincts

This is one of the most exciting features we have ever introduced. The VKC Pets with pathfinding can navigate intelligently around their environment without crashing into things. They also cause fewer collisions and a lot less lag than other pets. 

But, if you’re in an area where pathfinding is disabled, or if you are still working on setting up your home to be pathfinding-friendly, you can revert to traditional mode by saying using the pf command.

  • explore (you need to tell the dog a range to explore within, eg. explore 50 or explore region)
  • patrol (you need to specify a range or a list of marks)
  • hidefrom (you must name the person or VKC pet from whom you want your kitty to hide)
  • pf on (switches pathfinding mode)
  • pf off (switches to traditional mode)

For more information about setting your home up to pathfinding-friendly, please see Tips, Preparing for Pathfinding.

Special Poses

When you pet this rabbit, you can choose from among three petting animations. Use the setpet command together with stroke, hug or scratch to change the petting animation. For example, you might say, "Mimzy setpet hug", when you want to hug your bunny.

The following poses, unique to the VKC Rabbit, add liveliness and charm to tricks you teach her. They must be used with the command pose. For example, to get the rabbit rise up as tall as she can, you would say, "Mimzy pose smell2".

For a complete list of poses for your rabbit, please refer to the complete chart of VKC Poses.

  • clean, clean2, clean3, clean4
  • hop1, hop2
  • scratch, scratch2
  • smell, smell2, smell3

Special Commands

The name Mimzy is used here as an example. Of course, you should use your rabbit's actual name or the general name, bunnies or rabbits, to command your rabbit. You can command all your bunnies at once using this collective name.

clean (tells the rabbit to wash her face)

Say: mimzy clean

ears (switches the rabbit between upright and lop ears)

Say: mimzy ears up or mimzy ears down

scratch (tells the rabbit to scratch her ear with her hind leg)

Say: mim scratch

here (tells the rabbit to jump into the arms of her owner)

Say: mimz here

This command tells the rabbit to jump into the arms of her owner. When an owner gives this command to the rabbit, the avatar bends down just in time to catch the rabbit as it leaps into the arms of its owner. The owner can then walk around, and even TP, while holding the rabbit. Only the owner may give this command and the owner must grant permission for the command to work.

Permission: Before the "here" command will work, the owner of the rabbit must give permission to allow the rabbit to animate his avatar. To do this, use the following command:

Say: Mimzy attach

A menu will appear seeking permission to animate the avatar. Click "yes" to grant permission. The rabbit will remember this permission until it is revoked by the owner or until the rabbit has been to the VKC Clinic, so this usually is a one-time command. Once the rabbit has permission to animate the avatar, the owner only needs to use the command "here" to get the rabbit in his arms.

Stop Carrying Rabbit: To stop carrying the rabbit, the owner should right-click on the rabbit and select drop from the menu. The rabbit will jump down to the ground. If you prefer, you may right-click on the rabbit and select detach from menu. In this case, the rabbit will appear in your inventory.


Your rabbit comes with a toy carrot in her mouth with which she can play. If you need a replacement for the carrot toy, you can get this from the free Toy Box in the Information Kiosk near the Clinics in the VKC Parks. Your rabbit also can pick up and carry the other toys made for other VKC Pets. It may look a bit odd to you to see a rabbit hopping around carrying a stuffed mouse, a rubber pretzel, or a dog bone, but she is happy to do it.

Color Options

The Rabbit II is available in five coat colors. The colors of the VKC Rabbits are named for the color and pattern of the fur just as they are named for domestic rabbits in real life.

A rabbit that is a solid color all over is called Self Colored, so there might be a Self Blue, Self Red, Self Chocolate, etc. Rabbit fur with a color that is broken up with white patches or areas is called a broken color, so there might be a Broken Red, Broken Blue, etc. These color/breed names for the VKC Rabbits have been set up with the intention of offering more color variations in the future.

The colors of the VKC Rabbits are:

  • Broken Red
  • Self Blue
  • Wild*
  • Blue Eyed White
  • Relay 2013**
  • Rabbit Halloween 2013***

* This is not actually a color but more of a description. The VKC Wild Bunny was created as a nice addition to your garden as well as a great pet.

** Half the adoption fee for this rabbit is donated in support of Relay for Life in Second Life.

*** The Rabbit Halloween 2013, or the Vampire Bunny, is a special edition of the VKC Rabbit, available for a few weeks surrounding Halloween 2013.

Prim Count

Prims: 17

Land Impact: 21 PE

Release Date

April 2013: Broken Red, Self Blue, Wild

May 2013: Blue Eyed White, Relay 2013

October 2013: Halloween 2013, the Vampire Bunny

Rabbit RFL 2013

Rabbit Halloween 2013, the Vampire Bunny