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In October 2009, Enrico Genosse, the creator of the VKC® Dogs, asked members of the Virtual Kennel Club to send him pictures and sounds of real mixed-breed dogs. He selected the best of these, then he turned to the residents of SL to choose the best of the best by means of a vote in a first ever VKC Mutt Contest. A week after the voting closed, on December 19, 2009, the VKC Mutt was introduced to the world and appears now in all the VKC Dog Parks.

The RL Widget, who lives with the RL avatar of Aztek Aeon, emerged as the winner of the VKC Mutt Contest. He now proudly represents the shelter and rescue dogs of the world in his role as VKC Mutt, better known as the Widget.

Each month, a portion of all adoption fees for the Widget are donated to RL dog-related charitable organizations. A new charity is chosen regularly from among those nominated members of the VKC or anyone else. Adopting your own VKC Mutt means that you are helping real life dogs to have a chance of finding a forever home. How cool is that!?


  • Basic Positions: stand, sit, down, bang, beg, bellyup, shake, rest
  • Basic Activities: come, getbone, howl, itch, roll, rove, sniff, speak, wag, wander
  • Other Activities: go, run, on, greet, get (These require you to name a destination or an object; for example, "Fido go Sandry" or "Fido run redball" or "Fido greet Bichon")
  • Owner-only commands: heel, follow (Follow also requires you to name a destination)
  • Special command: fetch (Requires a redball toy, free at VKC Dog Parks)

These instincts are not described in any detail because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together.

Special Poses

When petting the Widget, the avatar crouches in front of the sitting dog and strokes his shoulders. The dog responds to continued stroking by standing up and wagging his tail. Watch the video in the right column to see.

Color Options

The color of the collar on the widget can be changed using the collar and c-color commands.

  • collar reset (restores the collar to its original color)
  • collar hide (makes the collar invisible)
  • collar show (makes the collar visible)
  • c-color 100 0 0 (adds a deep red tone to the collar)

Prim Count

Prims — 15

Land Impact — 15

Important Dates

Released: December 2009

Retired: September 2015

Although the Widgets are in retirement, they still receive the full support of the VKC. They can be updated and claimed at the Dog Clinics and the VKC Proven Trainers will continue to help you with these breeds, just like always.

(photograph courtesy of Rosanna Himmel (left) and Aztek Aeon (right))

(photograph courtesy of Rosanna Himmel)

(photograph courtesy of Piper Hanriot)

(photograph courtesy of Ebi Ebi)

(video courtesy of Solcar Amat)