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Australian Shepherd Makeover

posted Jun 27, 2014, 3:55 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Jun 27, 2014, 5:02 PM ]

27 June 2014

As you probably know, if you have one of the old prim Bloodhounds, Wolfhounds or Australian Shepherds, you can Regenerate them to the newest version. It's not like an update it's a complete rebuild. 

Usually there is a fee for this, but for the next week or so, starting now, it's FREE!  If you're not sure what "Regenerate" means, see the Notecard that is attached to this message.

If you want to adopt one of the new Australian Shepherds, they will be available from Saturday 28 June at 12:00 Noon SLT.

Given that the new versions are essentially a new dog rather than an update to an existing dog, we usually charge a Regeneration Fee of L$1000 to convert the old dog to the new one. But we have a special offer: all Regenerations of these three breeds are free. The offer is available from now until Midnight of Sunday July 6 2014.

Here is some information about the new features for the VKC Australian Shepherds, Bloodhounds, and Irish Wolfhounds.

  • Pathfinding1
    • No bumping into things.
    • Up and down the stairs.
    • In and out of the house.
    • Probably no more sitting on the roof!
    • Smoother on heel and better heel positions
  • Traditional Mode
    • The new dog can be physical like your old dog was. This is still an option you can use when Pathfinding is not available.
  • More Petting - Four built-in petting animations.
  • New Commands and behaviors
    • Explore
    • Patrol
    • Hidefrom
  • Hide and Show Dog Names.
  • Improved Toy Handling2
  • Collar and Bandana3

1 Pathfinding allows the dogs to move around without crashing into things. They can find their way around obstacles instead of jumping over them and can find their way through doors or gateways. If you have a fence around your yard, the dogs will stay inside the yard without a settle command provided that you keep the gate shut and make sure there are no holes in the fence, of course.

To get the best out of Pathfinding it is necessary to set any prim surfaces that you want the dog to be able to walk on to "Walkable". This is done using simple tools that are built into most modern SL viewers. Some of the VKC Trainers are seasoned Pathfinding experts now and offer classes in getting your home set up well. They'll be happy to help or advise you as you are getting started. Don't forget, you can also use the dog in Traditional (non-Pathfinding) mode while you are getting everything set up for Pathfinding.

2 We call this Toy System 2. The toy is now part of the dog and moves with him as he moves rather than following along behind him, desperately trying to keep up, as it did in the past. Those old toys were *very* inefficient and we have discontinued them now. They will not work with these dogs. But there is a wealth of new toys that do. Don't forget to pick up the Free Toy Box filled with Toy System 2 Toys from the Information Kiosk when you Regenerate your dog.

3  The Australian Shepherds have the Bandana only.


The new dogs are not transferable. You will be reminded of this during the Regeneration process and asked to confirm that you understand that this is the case.

How to Regenerate your dog

Come to one of the Dog Parks at Turing Isle, Canis Beach, Steelhead Harborside or Endeavor Cove. You will find the Regeneration Station near the Clinic, it has a picture of the old and new Bloodhounds on it.

Click on the Regeneration Station and follow the instructions on your screen.

If you need any help or have further questions, please come to one of the parks and ask a VKC Trainer. If no one is around, say help in local chat while you are standing beside the Clinic. The Clinic will try to find a Trainer for you. If no one is on line, someone will call you back.