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Let the Hunt Begin!

posted Apr 27, 2013, 6:59 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated May 23, 2013, 12:52 PM ]

VKC Bunny Hunt 2013

Update 2013/05/12 • By the end of the hunt, 1300 rabbits had been caught, and the VKC had given away 412 bunnies to 152 different avatars. While some people were satisfied with one or two bunnies, the majority of the participants kept hunting until they received all three.

Comments about the Bunny Hunt were overwhelmingly positive. Randomly selected comments include:

  • "it was super fun cant wait for another"
  • "Thank you for the bunnies.  They really are cute, especially when you pet them."
  • "Really enjoying the Bunny Hunt. I've discovered my Chow is a better hunter than my White Shepherd…lol"
  • "yay won a bunneh"
  • "we loved it, our puppies were running around barking and chasing out the bunnies"
  • "woot i got three bunnys"
  • "u cant find the same bunny in one location three times thats kool"
  • "Them things was too fast! Too fast I tells ya! I no sooner got mah pointer thingy on dat blasted wabbit and he done hopped away round n round n ducked under anudder bush! One runned under my belly as I was trying to click mah pointer thingy! Good thing we gots plenty a time to go back." (-:
  • "caught all of them : D  I now have my own small herd of bunnies *laughs*"
  • "I want to thank the VKC team for a lot of ummmm frustrating fun on the rabbit hunt.  My Jack Russell turned out to be a persistent little bunny flusher.  Thanks so much!"
  • "[The bunnies] are so nice and well done"
  • "Yes, they are so cute! Nice way to see all the parks"
  • "they are truly very kewl"

Update 2013/05/01 • As of SL suppertime on May Day a total 245 bunnies have been given away!

Original Post

The new bunnies are ready! There are three different coats again this year. (Clockwise from top left in second photograph)

  • Self Blue
  • Broken Red
  • Wild

They’re in the most of the VKC Parks plus a couple of other locations, but they’re hiding away. If you want to catch one to take home, you’ll need to take your pet with you to sniff them out!

How to Hunt

1. Decide which pet you want to hunt with.  Take him to a Clinic and update him. (You don’t have to Regenerate him to the Series II/Pathfinding dog, but you do need to update him to the latest version so that he’ll be able to hunt for bunnies.)

2. Rez your pet in the dog park and give him the “bunnyhunt” command. Say,

Fido bunnyhunt

3. Your pet will go off to search for and flush out a bunny.

4. If your pet finds a bunny, the bunny will run out from the cover, look for another hiding place, and run off to hide in the new place. You must click on the bunny while he is running. Be quick! You only have a short time before he will be hiding again. You cannot click the bunny when he is hiding, even if you can see him. Why? It’s magic.

If you don’t catch the bunny, tell your dog again,

Fido bunnyhunt

With this command, your pet will search for and flush the bunny out from his cover again. Keep this up until you manage to catch the bunny. You may need to help your pet by calling him to different places so he will search in different bushes instead of running back and forth between the same two empty bushes.

5. When you have caught three bunnies of the same type (three Broken Red or three Self Blue or three Wild), you will receive that type of bunny to take home.  It will be offered to you as any other SL object, so be sure to “keep” the object.  The bunny will be delivered to your Objects Folder and will be called either Rabbit Broken Red, Rabbit Self Blue or Rabbit Wild.

You can name your bunny just as you would any other VKC pet.  If you have more than one bunny, you can command them all at once by saying, for example:

rabbits come

Hunt Locations


Q. Do I need to update all my pets?

A. No. Just choose the pet you want to help you hunt and update that pet. If you wish, you may hunt with a different pet at each location, but you may only hunt with one pet per location.

Q. How many bunnies are at each location?

A. There is only one bunny at each location.

Q. Do I need to go to all the locations?

A. If you want to win all three different types of bunnies, then yes, you need to visit each location and catch the bunny at each one.

Q. Why doesn’t my pet go to right place to sniff out the bunny?

A. Your pet will go to the nearest place that provides cover for the bunnies and try to flush one out. If he is very close to a cover, he will go to the next nearest one. If you need him to go to a different one, you will need to call him over in the direction you want him to search and try again.

Q. My pet keeps going to the same two bushes. Why doesn’t he look in the other ones?

A. Imagine that you’re hunting with your own RL Dog. Yes, the one that barks at the postman, sleeps on the sofa and has little more hunting experience than “hunt the slipper.” In most cases, if you took this dog out with you to look for rabbits, you’d be saying “fido find the bunny” and fido would be running around in circles, wagging his tail and panting. You, all the while, would be pointing at the bushes and saying “find the bunny, find the bunny!” He’d probably be trying his very best to understand you, but in most cases, our own dogs would have little experience of hunting for bunnies and would need some help and guidance from you. So, if you go and stand near a different bush, call the dog over to you and tell him again, perhaps he’ll try a different one!

Q. When I tell my pet to bunnyhunt, he replies with a dot but he just stands there. Why doesn’t he look for the bunnies?

A. He needs to be updated first. Take him to a Clinic and say

update fido

in local chat.

Q. Does it have to be a dog? Can I hunt with a polar bear or a cat?

A. Yes, you can. The dogs, puppies, polar bears, wolves, and cats can all take part in this.

Q. How long does the hunt run for?

A. Two weeks. Close of play is Midnight on Saturday 11 May 2013.

Q. I don’t have a VKC Dog, can I still hunt?

A. If you have a friend with a VKC Pet, they can take you with them. If they “friend” their pet to you, you will be able to hunt for bunnies with your friend’s pet.

Q. My friend sent her pet to flush the bunny for me. When the bunny ran out and I clicked on him, nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

A. The person who clicks on the bunny must be the same person who sent the pet to flush out the bunny.

Q. I don’t have any friends and I don’t have a VKC Pet. How can I hunt?

A. Join the VKC Group, then ask one of the VKC Proven Trainers to make you a Patron. Then you can put a call out in the group and ask if someone will take you with them when they go out to catch a bunny.

Q. When I clicked on the Bunny, it said “Invalid Hunter”. What does that mean?

A. There are two occasions when the bunny uses this message:

  1. When someone sends a pet to flush the bunny out, only that person may click on the bunny to catch him. If I send a pet and you click the bunny, the message that you see is “Invalid Hunter”.  You must send a pet to flush out the bunny yourself and then you can catch him.
  2. If you click on the bunny when he is hiding in the cover. You must send a pet to flush out the bunny. You can only catch the bunny when he is running from one of his hiding places to another.

Q. When I clicked on the Bunny, it said "I'm checking details for another hunter”. What does that mean?

A. Pretty much exactly what it says. The bunny is in the process of registering that he was caught by another avatar. Wait for a few moments and then send your pet to flush him out.

Q. What do all those breed and color names mean? Are you giving me a broken rabbit?

A. Unlike previous years’ Bunny Hunt prizes, the bunnies from the 2013 VKC Bunny Hunt are “proper” VKC Pets. That is to say, they have the same features as the dogs including AI, personalities, tricks, marks, pathfinding and a proper entry in the VKC Registry. One of the things they need for the Registry is their name and breed. We named the “breeds” after the way that Rabbit breeders name the colors of the rabbits.

A rabbit that is a solid color all over is called Self Colored, hence Self Blue, Self Red, Self Chocolate, etc.  A rabbit with a color that is broken up with white patches or areas is called a Broken Color, hence Broken Red, Broken Blue, etc. These color/breed names have been set up with the intention of offering more color variations in the future.