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Annual Bunny Hunt!

posted Apr 3, 2016, 4:46 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Apr 6, 2016, 9:22 AM ]
Poster for the 2016 VKC Bunny Hunt

Yes, it is time again for that much anticipated, much loved VKC event that involves bunnies hiding in bushes, dogs (and a few bold cats) scrambling to sniff them out, and people running around trying to catch the bunnies as they make a mad dash from one cover to another.

If you've played it before, you'll already know all about this and you'll know what to do. Update your dog or cat, visit the various hunt locations and get your pet to chase the bunnies out of the bushes so you can catch them! 

But if you've never played it before, keep reading! You're going to have a lot of fun doing this and you're going to win some very cool prizes

This is a Hunt unlike any other that we know of. You'll need your VKC Dog (or Cat) with you for this one. Together you go out to various locations in Second Life or InWorldz and search for bunnies. That's Right! We're talking about Virtual Kennel Club Rabbits — full-fledged VKC Pets with AI, tricks, toys and all the other great features that our dogs and cats enjoy.

The Hunt Bunnies this year are:

  • Chocolate — yes, that's right, an artificially intelligent chocolate bunny!
  • Self-black — not quite chocolate, but dark enough.
  • Wild — because everybody needs a wild bunny or two in their petunias.

You can take all three home, if you can catch all the hiding bunnies.

How to Hunt

It is easy to hunt! Just decide which of your dogs (or cats, puppies, bears, or wolves) you want to team with you in the hunt. Take this pet to the Clinic and update him so he knows how to hunt. [Note: this is a simple update from the clinic to give him hunting skills he needs for this event. You don't have to Regenerate your pet to the Series II/Pathfinding version of himself.]

After your pet returns from the Clinic with his new-found hunting skills, take him to one of the hunt locations (see below), rez him, and give him the command:

fido bunnyhunt

Your pet will go off to search for and try to flush a bunny. He will run to the nearest bunny cover, sniff among the leaves and flowers, and bark a couple of times.

If your pet finds one, the bunny will run out of the cover, quick as a bunny look for another hiding place, and run like mad to hide in the next place. Your pet will try to follow the bunny to help you see the bunny. You need to click on him (the bunny, not your pet) before he gets to the next hiding place. Be quick! You only have a short time before the bunny is in hiding once again. You cannot click on the bunny unless he is on the run, even though you may see him.

Keep giving your pet the bunnyhunt command until you manage to catch your bunny. Remember that you and your pet are in this hunt as a team. Sometimes, you pet may go back and forth between two bunny covers each time you tell him to bunny hunt, even though both of the bushes are empty. This is when you need to call your pet to come closer to a different set of bushes before telling him again to bunnyhunt.

*** FOR BEST RESULTS in SL *** Make sure that your pet is in pathfinding mode (if he has this capacity). If you are hunting in InWorldz or if you pet does not have pathfinding skills, don't worry. He will still be able to help you with the hunt.

Where to Hunt

The Bunny Hunt is active in the virtual worlds of Second Life and InWorldz. You can hunt in the VKC Parks and in some extra locations that have been set up just for this event.

Image of a puppy chasing a bunny in the VKC Bunny Hunt

VKC Parks — Second Life

Extra Locations — Second Life

Turing Isle — InWorldz

Extra Locations — InWorldz

VKC Staff Dogs available to hunt with you in InWorldz
Haven't Adopted a VKC Pet in InWorldz Yet?

You can still hunt and win a VKC Bunny even if you don't already have a VKC Pet. At each of the first three locations in the list above, you will find a "Staff Dog" on duty who will help you by flushing out the Bunny at that location. The three Staff Dogs are:

  • Bo the Bloodhound at Enrico's Workshop at Turing Isle
  • Montalbano the mixed-breed puppy at Turing Isle Dog Park
  • Floyd the Siberian Husky at the Training Area at Turing Isle

When you want the staff dog to flush a Bunny out of the bushes, the command to use is "bunnyhunt". You say the dog's name and then the command, like this:

floyd bunnyhunt

If you want the dog to look in a different place, stand near the place you want him to search and tell him to come, like this:

bo come

Are you finding Montalbano's name a bit of a handful? Here are a couple of tricks you can use to make it much easier. This trick works in both Second Life and InWorldz.

  1. Abbreviate his name. VKC Pets will answer to the first few characters of their name. Montalbano will answer to mo. So you can say mo bunnyhunt
  2. Use the chat recall feature in your viewer. Click your cursor in the chat bar and hold down the Ctrl Key, now press the Up Arrow and release it. This will recall the last thing that you typed. Press Ctrl Key and Up Arrow again and you'll get whatever you typed before that. When you see the command you want, press enter to say it. You'll be working with your dog like a pro in no time!


Q. How many bunnies must I find in each location?

A. There is one bunny to find in each hunt location. When you have found the bunny, you can move on to the next location. Remember to take your partner pet with you.

Q. How many bunnies can I win?

A. Three. You can win one bunny of each type — chocolate, self black, and wild. You must catch a bunny in every location and you will win three new bunnies.

Q. When does the hunt finish?

A. The annual Bunny Hunt begins today and continues until 5 o'clock in the evening (17:00) SLT and IWT on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Q. Do I need to visit and hunt in all the locations?

A. You can stop hunting at any time. If you want to go home with three new bunnies, including the amazing AI-enabled chocolate bunny, then yes, you will need to visit each location and catch a bunny there.

Q. Why doesn't my pet go to the right place to sniff out the bunny?

A. Your pet will go to the nearest place that provides cover for the bunny and try to flush one out. If he is very close to a cover, he will go to the next nearest one. But remember that you are a team. Sometimes you will need to call your pet to get him to try hunting in other areas of the location. After you call him, give him the bunnyhunt command again.

Q. My pet keeps going to the same two bushes. Why doesn't he search in all the bushes?

A. Imagine that you are hunting with your RL pet. Yes, the dog that barks at the postman, sleeps on the sofa, and has little more hunting experience than “hunt the slipper.” In most cases, if you took this dog out with you to look for rabbits, you’d be saying “fido find the bunny” and fido would be running around in circles, wagging his tail, and panting. You, all the while, would be pointing at the bushes and saying “find the bunny, find the bunny!” He’d probably be trying his very best to understand you, but in most cases, our own dogs would have little experience of hunting for bunnies and would need some help and guidance from you. So, if you go and stand near a different bush, call the dog over to you and tell him again, perhaps he’ll try a different one!

Q. When I tell my pet to bunnyhunt, he replies with a dot but he just stands there. Why doesn’t he look for the bunnies?

A. He needs to be updated first. Take him to a Clinic and update him. The Clinic will give him a quick hunting lesson and return him to you, ready to hunt for bunnies!

Image of a VKC Polar Bear Cub chasing a VKC Chocolate Bunny
Q. Does it have to be a dog? Can I hunt with a polar bear or a cat?

A. Yes, you can. The VKC Dogs, Puppies, Polar Bears, and Cats can all take part in this.

Q. I don’t have a VKC Dog, can I still hunt?

A. If you have a friend with a VKC Dog, they can take you with them. If they “friend” their dog to you, you will be able to hunt for bunnies with your friend’s dog.

Q. My friend sent her dog to flush the bunny for me. When the bunny ran out and I clicked on him, nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

A. You, not your friend, must send the dog to flush out the bunny.

Q. I don’t have any friends and I don’t have a VKC Pet. How can I hunt?

A. The best solution to this is to adopt a VKC Pet. Then you will have a friend, and a dog and be able to hunt. Failing that, join the VKC Group and ask one of the VKC Proven Trainers to make you a Patron. Then you can put a call out in the group and ask if someone will take you with them when they go out to catch a bunny.

Q. Hey! When I told my dog to heel, he went behind me, but normally he goes to the side, did you change something?

A. Yes. But it's only temporary. The hunt plugin for the pets makes them follow rather than walk beside you so that they will chase the rabbits instead of try to run alongside them. When you update or reclaim your dog after the end of the hunt (on 18 April), he will resume the normal position of walking beside you when he is on heel.

Q. I have a custom heel position in an init trick, will that be changed too?

A. Yes, but it's only temporary. If you have an init trick with a custom heel position, you will probably find that it changes when you rez your dog for the second time after updating him for the hunt. When you update/reclaim your dog after the end of the hunt (on 18 April), he will go back to using your init setting.

Q. Hey! (again) What's this custom heel position? How do I do that?

A. Come to one of our free training classes and find out! There are all sorts of cool things that your VKC Pets can do!

Q. When I clicked on the Bunny, it said “Invalid Hunter.” What does that mean? Is the bunny trying to insult me?

A. There are two occasions when the bunny uses this message:

  1. When someone sends a pet to flush the bunny out, only the person who gave the command may click on the bunny to catch him. If I send a pet to bunnyhunt and you click the bunny, the message that you see is “Invalid Hunter.” You must be the one to send a pet to flush out the bunny in order to be the one to catch the bunny.
  2. If you click on the bunny when he is hiding in the cover. You must send a pet to flush out the bunny and then you can catch the bunny.

Q. When I clicked on the Bunny, it said, "I'm checking details for another hunter.” What does that mean?

A. Pretty much exactly what it it sounds like. The bunny is in the process of registering that he was caught by another avatar. Wait for a few moments and then send your pet to flush him out again so you can click on him.

Q. What do all those breed and color names mean? What in the world is a self black rabbit?

A. All VKC Pets have a name and a breed which identifies them in the Registry. We named the breeds for the Rabbits after the way that RL Rabbit breeders name the colors of the rabbits.

A rabbit that is a solid color all over is called Self Colored, hence Self Blue, Self Red, Self Chocolate, etc. A rabbit with a color that is broken up with white patches or areas is called a Broken Color, hence Broken Red, Broken Blue, etc. These color/breed names have been set up with the intention of offering more color variations in the future.

Q. Oooops! I made a mistake and declined the inventory offer of my new Rabbit. Oh no! What can I do?

A. Go to a VKC Clinic  and say,

claim rabbit

in local chat. The Clinic will redeliver your rabbit to you, just as it does with any of your other VKC Pets. In this case, you have not yet named your bunny, so the command is claim rabbit rather than claim flopsy.

Q. I've read all this and I am still stuck. What can I do?

A. The first thing to try is to ask in the VKC Group if anyone can help with your problem. If no one can help there, come to a VKC Clinic and in local chat say,


If there are no VKC Trainers online, the Clinic send out an email to all of them and someone will call you back as soon as practical.

Poster for the VKC Annual Bunny Hunt
What Else Should I Know About the Hunt?

The most important thing to know about the hunt is that we have created it for you to have fun with your VKC Pets. Enjoy!

Acknowledgements — InWorldz

We'd like to say a big thank you to the folk that helped make this possible in InWorldz.

Our landladies for the Hunt Locations are:

  • Aztek Aeon of Ethereal Estates and the Virtual Kennel Club
  • Remmy and Renate Roelofs who also work for us at the VKC and lent us their garden
  • Tanya Matahari of Matahari Estates and Matahari Style

Thank You!

We'd also like to thank Bard Elcano for loaning us his beautiful island while we were getting set up in InWorldz and Tanya Matahari once again who hosts our reserve Clinic at Matahari Island. Finally we'd like to thank Tranq and the Development Team for their work on Phlox and PhysX which makes it possible to have the Virtual Kennel Club Pets in InWorldz at all.