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Introducing the Elm Puppy!

posted Aug 10, 2013, 3:35 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Aug 10, 2013, 3:37 PM ]

There's a lively new puppy running around in the Puppy Playpens at Turing Isle and Canis Beach these days. Among the other VKC Puppies is the Elm puppy, named for a tree because, well, we honestly don't know what breed of puppy he is exactly or even what breeds his mom and dad are. Whatever his parentage, the Elm Puppy is undoubtedly energetic, playful, and responsive.

With all the features of a full-grown VKC Dog, the Elm Puppy is a whole lot of love and fun in a small package. He can learn new things; he has a full wardrobe of collars and scarves that he can wear together, separately, or not at all; and he can play with toys and carry them around in his mouth. You can pet him in a variety of ways — scratch him, hug him, stroke him, or cuddle with him to your heart's content. Small enough to be carried comfortably, the Elm Puppy will jump into your arms at a single command.

When he is in pathfinding mode, he is able to find his own way around without bumping into things and he will walk smoothly with you when he is on heel. He also can explore or patrol an area on command and he can hide from you or anyone else. For example, you can tell him to hidefrom one of your other VKC Pets and then tell your other pet to follow your Elm Puppy.  They will play this hide and seek game together until you (or someone) call it off. Oh, your landlord has not enabled pathfinding at your home yet? No worries, your Elm Puppy can still function in traditional mode and walk around like before.

You will love the way your Elm Puppy can sit or stand around blinking his eyes and shifting his position slightly every so often, just like a RL dog might. Do you find your puppy's name tag that hovers above him distracting? Well, now you can turn this feature off or on at will.