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VKC Fall Ball, A Huge Success!

posted Nov 21, 2015, 6:05 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Nov 22, 2015, 10:35 AM ]

Tone Uriza rocks out at the VKC Fall Ball

"This is the most fun I've had in SL in a long time!" shouted one VKC Patron, following up this comment with a long "Hooooooo!"

Tone Uriza always pleases, and today he was hot! He kept party-goers entertained with his live music for two hours, weaving a special blend of the best traditional and contemporary blues just for the VKC Fall Ball.

The decorations at the LogSpark Courtyard, the creation of Aztek Aeon, were fabulous and beautifully autumnal. Trees in every hue surrounded the courtyard, strings of lights surrounded the dance floor, and a canopy of sparkles and falling leaves danced overhead. Apples in the tree were ripe for picking and an old wooden cart held various pumpkins and fruits of the harvest.

Des gets going even before the party starts

Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng, one of the
first to begin dancing

While the party officially began a little after 10:30, some of the early arrivals did not wait for the main attraction, they started dancing as soon as they arrived.

Soon the party kicked into high gear and kept going for a full two hours with forty-six avatars and their pets in attendance. Humans, elves, angles, furries, a Winnie-the-Pooh, goth and glam all showed up. Even the huge Dire Wolf who turned out seemed to be smiling with enjoyment and entertainment. Well, at least his mouth was open in what we can only assume is a grin.

Shouts and applause rang through the air at the end of every song, and sometimes during them. People danced, danced, and danced, sometimes with a partner, sometimes with a their pets, and occasionally solo. The pillowed benches thoughtfully placed around the edges of the dance floor remained lonely and unused.

The Raffle Puppy was busy randomly selecting the lucky winners of a VKC Pet of their choice. For one especially lucky winner, the Birch Puppy she chose was her very first VKC Pet.