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VKC Fifth Anniversary Hunt — Winners Announced

posted Aug 21, 2011, 8:09 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Sep 9, 2011, 9:51 AM ]
Enrico enjoys the company of his latest creation, the Silver Husky

The VKC® Siberian Huskies have hidden their bones all around the nine VKC Dog Parks. Your job is to find them ALL. As you find them, you accumulate points which can be exchanged for gifts. If you find all 36 hidden bones, your name will be entered into a Prize Draw for a VERY SPECIAL, but as yet UNDISCLOSED, prize.

The Hunt Starter (a/k/a Hunt Central) will give you your first clue and the rest of the instructions for the Hunt.

Start your VKC 5th Anniversary Hunt here.

Update 26 August 2011

The VKC Fifth Anniversary Hunt finishes at 12:00 Noon SLT on Saturday 27th August. So there's still time to complete it if you haven't done so already.

We will then turn off the Hunt Starter and remove the Tokens from the Parks.

The prize draw will take place at 2:00PM SLT. Stay tuned for an invitation to the prize draw where we will reveal the mystery prize!

Update 27 August 2011

The excitement was palpable. People gathered in the Training Area at Turing Isle, chatting expectantly and fidgeting. At the appointed hour, Blu Sparkle, VKC Parks Director, did the honors and set the drawing in motion by touching the Prize Draw Hat. For the next minute and half the hat announced the winners one at a time.

[14:02] Prize Draw Hat: Preparing to Draw Ten Winners...
[14:02] Prize Draw Hat: Randomizing List...
[14:02] Prize Draw Hat: Drawing Winner Number 1...

Cheers rang out and congratulations were shared all around. The winners are:

  • Enticing Destiny
  • Ed Torii [Asked Blu to award the dog to his wife, Tabitha Miranda, instead of to him]
  • Lulee Babenco
  • Tanya Matahari
  • Bagel Radinovic
  • The Prize Draw Hat for the VKC Fifth Anniversary Hunt
  • Kim Schroeder
  • Diboutique Resident
  • Dreamer Hawker
  • Charles Courtois
  • Emmy Meiler

"Wow! I never, ever won something!" exclaimed Kim Schroeder with obvious glee when her name came up. "OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I'm freaking out! LMAO" Enticing Destiny cried out when she received her prize husky. "I haven't met anyone through VKC thats wasn't absolutely awesome. This is one of the best places in SL - people-wise"

And, what was the UNDISCLOSED grand prize? Each of the winners received an Official VKC 5th Anniversary Silver Siberian Husky! The Silver Siberian Husky will be available for adoption in the select parks listed below. Also, after 2 o'clock SLT on Sunday, the Silver Siberian Husky can be found in our new Marketplace store. So don't miss the premiere of the Silver Siberian Husky on Sunday, 28 August 2011.

By the end of the hunt, 178 prizes had been awarded to 131 hunters. Congratulations to each and every one!

Emmy Meiler and her Silver Husky prize  Lulee Babenco and her Silver Husky Prize  Kim Schroeder and her Silver Husky prize  Enticing Destiny is greeted by her prize, a silver VKC Siberian Husky
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The following were present for drawing: Ed Torii, Lulee Babenco, Tanya Matahari, Kim Schroeder, Diboutique Resident, and Dreamer Hawker.

The following claimed their prize later on Saturday or afterward: Bagel Radinovic, Charles Courtois, Emmy Meiler, and Enticing Destiny.