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Good Dogs Made Better

posted Nov 16, 2013, 10:17 AM by Rosanna Himmel

Guess who's returned to the VKC Parks?! Our very own Irish Wolfhound is back, and is he ever better than before! Completely rebuilt from the basic sculpts on up with all new, original textures and the latest scripts and skills, the Irish Wolfhound II represents the latest achievement for SL pets. He now has four petting animations, all the pathfinding skills, plus many life-like features too numerous to mention.

If you always wanted an Irish Wolfhound, or even if you've never thought about one before, come by the VKC Parks today and meet this beauty! The silvery-grey Irish Wolfhound II sure to become your new favorite.

But there's more!

If you already adopted an original Irish Wolfhound, you can regenerate him or her as a new Irish Wolfhound II at a fraction of the regular adoption fee. You'll get a astonishing, clever dog with all the personality, memories, and tricks of your own beloved dog, just with additional skills and abilities and an improved appearance.

The regeneration stations are located at the VKC Parks at

Act now! 

For a limited time, even the small regeneration fee is slashed in half. That's right: this weekend, you can regenerate your Irish Wolfhound to an Irish Wolfhound II for only L$500. The VKC is practically giving these dogs away because we know how wonderful they are and we want you to have the best of what SL has to offer.

We've even extended this offer to include the Bloodhound. This means that this weekend you can regenerate your Bloodhound to a Bloodhound II at this same low, low fee!

Special offer ends soon!

This tremendous offer just started at noon on Saturday 2013-11-16. It will run through midnight on Sunday. After Sunday, the regeneration fees will return to L$1000.

Don't let this opportunity escape from you. Come to a VKC Park today to meet the Irish Wolfhound II. You won't find a better value anywhere in SL.

Assistance is always there for you!

If you have questions about what happens when you regenerate your Irish Wolfhound or Bloodhound, a VKC Proven Trainer is just a call away — if not already there in the VKC Parks. The trainers can answer your questions and guide you through the simple process.