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Hickory, dickory, dock...

posted Dec 27, 2014, 6:09 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Dec 27, 2014, 6:10 PM ]

No, you won't find any VKC Mice (yet — wink) but we'd like to introduce you to the latest VKC creation: the VKC Hickory Puppy!

The Hickory Puppy appeared in the VKC Park with little fanfare on December 22. Almost immediately, the word spread, and people were deee-lighted to meet the newest member of the VKC Puppy Family.

Like his brothers and sisters, the VKC Hickory Puppy is a dog of uncertain breeding. What is certain is that this spry and sprightly little rascal will love you to pieces. He's smart and obedient; he has a complete wardrobe of collars and scarves; and he delights in cuddling with you for hours and hours. If you grow weary of cuddling, he still loves to have you pet, scratch, or stroke him.

He can play Hide-and-Seek with you, your friends, or other VKC Pets. Just try to catch him when he is hiding! In pathfinding mode, he can find his own way smoothly around obstacles without causing collisions or lag. Is pathfinding something new to you? No worries! The VKC Trainers offer free classes in pathfinding. Does your landlord resist enabling pathfinding? Again, not to worry. The VKC Trainers will work with you and your landlord to work out a solution so you can enjoy your puppy completely.

Stop by a VKC Park today and meet the new puppy! You are sure to be delighted!