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Mad March Hunt

posted Mar 18, 2014, 5:03 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 5:05 PM ]

The VKC Mad March Hunt is a super new game for you and your pets to play together. Visit the parks, find the tokens, drop them in the baskets and win prizes! All you need is your VKC Pet!

How to play

First you need to update your pet. This is so that he will have the Hunt Plugin.

Give your pet the findit command. Like this:

Fido findit

(This is a special command that only exists for the duration of the hunt.)

When your pet returns with the token, take him to the Token Deposit Basket and tell him to drop the token. Your pet won’t need to drop the token right into the basket, but will need to be close to it.

After your pet finds, retrieves, and drops the tokens, he will tell you how many tokens you have found and how many are required to get the next prize.

The hunt runs until Midnight SLT on 31 March 2014.


We have brand new prizes from the Perky Puppy, Clever Kitty, and Vavoom! stores. The prizes will be available to purchase from the stores later, but you can win them now in the hunt.

There are three levels of tokens; so there are three levels of prizes. When you have collected sufficient tokens to qualify for a prize, you can collect it at Hunt Central on Turing Isle. 

To receive the Level 1 prize, you 
must find 24 Level 1 tokens.

To receive the Level 2 prize, you
 must find 32 Level 2 tokens.

To receive the Level 3 prize, you 
must find 36 Level 3 tokens.


Q. Where are the Token Deposit Baskets?

A. At Turing Isle at “Hunt Central,” which is also where you can collect your prizes.

In the other parks look for the little wicker basket.

Q. Can I use any of my VKC Pets?

A. You can use any VKC Pet except the Penguin, provided you update your pet before beginning the hunt. The update is necessary to that the pet will have the hunt plugin. As always, updating your pet is free.

Q. Can I use more than one of my VKC Pets?

A. Yes you can. But you can only use one at a time. For instance, if you have three pets that you would like to use, you can have the first one find the first token, the second find the second token, and so on. Using the command — dogs findit — will not get you to your token level any faster. Only one pet at a time can participate in the hunt.

Q. Normally when I am at home, I have pathfinding off in the pet, should I do that in the parks too?

A. For best results, have pathfinding on when you are in the Dog Parks.

Q. Can I use my friend’s pet, like I did at the Bunny Hunt last year?

A. Yes, you can. Your friend will need to “friend” the pet to you. But, if you did this for the Bunny Hunt, doesn’t that mean that you have a VKC Bunny? Bunnies can do this hunt too!

Q. Do I have to do all of the hunt in one day?

A. No, you can spread it over several days.

Q. How long does the hunt run for?

A. The hunt runs until Midnight SLT on 31 March 2014.

Q. I am standing near a token and so is my pet. When I tell him the findit command, he doesn't find it or take it.  Why is that?

A. There are two things that might cause this:

  1. The pet chooses the token that he picks up, so the choice that seems most obvious to him might not be the one that seems most obvious to us.
  2. The pet cannot collect the same token at the same level twice. For example, let's say there is a blue token on a bench in the park. If your pet finds and takes this, he cannot take it again if that token appears again in the same location. But, when you move up to the next level, if a token appears in that place and it's the level that you are now working on, he can find it.

Q. When we went to the Token Deposit Basket to drop the tokens, it said the token was too far away. What should I do?

A. Tell your pet to take the token. Say,

fido take token

Then have him move a bit closer to the basket and drop the token again.

Q. What happens if I don't do that?

A. Your token will delete itself after about 10 minutes.

Q. Should I tell my pet to settle when we get to the park?

A. For this hunt, it's best to have him roaming and passive. The token hunt will require him to be able to move between different parcels at the parks which is why you need roam rather than settle. But by telling him passive instead of active, he will be less likely to get distracted and run off to do something else while he is supposed to be searching for tokens. You can set him up with roam and passive in one command by saying:  fido roam passive

Q. My pet says there are no new tokens in the park, what should I do?

A. When you see this message, you have three choices:

  • Move to a different part of the park and give the findit command again.
  • Move to a different dog park.
  • Wait a few minutes for new tokens to be spawned, then try again.