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The Maze at Caledon

posted Jul 4, 2014, 6:10 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Jul 6, 2014, 3:07 PM ]

Oh. My. Goodness!

Quietly and without fanfare, the Maze at Caledon came into existence in the original VKC Park. If you have not been to visit yet, you owe it to yourself to drop by — sooner rather than later.

The Maze itself is challenging enough for your average avatar, but what really is mind-blowing is how the VKC Dogs are able to negotiate the maze to find you anywhere on the parcel. They will find you each time you choose a spot and call them.

Even more astounding is that they perform this feat with only the skills that any pathfinding-enabled VKC Pet has on the day you adopt him. No special training, premium foods, or additional devices are needed. The dogs navigate intelligently and independently via the best route to you. They move quickly and gracefully without crashing into the bushes that form the maze walls. They do not cheat the maze by jumping over or pushing through the bushes. Once the they find you, they will stand directly in front of you, happily awaiting your next whim and command.

There are three VKC Dogs waiting for you near the maze. Go into the maze and call any of these dogs to you. If you want the Bloodhound to find you, for example, you simply say (or shout) in open chat, "Bloo come" and he will find you. Again and again, hide and call the dog. See if there is anywhere in the VKC Park where he cannot find you. Click on the "Amazing Pathfinding Dogs" sign by the entrance for instructions.

If you visit the Maze at Caledon with your own VKC Pet, you can have even more fun. Of course, you can enable pathfinding and call your pet. That's pretty cool. But, you can tell your pet to hide from you and then you can chase him all around the maze. Or tell him to hide from one of the park dogs and call them to you as you stand in various places. Your pet will keep this park dog at a distance as he moves through the maze.