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Merry Christmas, Festive Yule, and Jolly New Year!

posted Dec 22, 2010, 9:45 AM by Rosanna Himmel

T'is the season for surprises and delights. Every year at this time, Enrico Genosse and the VKC Proven Trainers and Park Hosts think of ways to make your holiday season a little more joyful.

This year's surprises included the Santa Hats and the Antlers for your VKC dogs. The Happy Holidays Team of Aztek Aeon, Chiva Vavoom, and Sandry Logan put their talents together to create these fun gifts, yours for free at any VKC Dog Park. Touch the Happy Holidays kiosk to receive a gift box with hats and antlers for all VKC dogs. The dogs look great in their hats or antlers. Some dogs really go for it and wear both at once!

The second surprise came to us from Mr. Genosse. Although has been working diligently on the VKC Husky, he took time away from this project to make a holiday surprise for all of us — the Limited Edition VKC Penguin. This bright little bird is an absolute delight. His behaviors so comical that people simply laugh with delight when they watch him. Like the VKC Dogs, the VKC Penguin obeys spoken commands, learns new tricks, and develops an individual personality. You can get one for yourself by clicking on the penguin in the Dog Parks. Also, you can get one as a gift for someone from the Penguin Gift Box on the counter of the Dog Clinic. Since he is copyable, not transferable, when you get one you can have a whole flock, each with his own name.

Meanwhile, work on the VKC Husky proceeds apace. It is too early to reveal the details, but the Husky promises to be the absolute best VKC Dog ever, indeed the best virtual dog anywhere in SL! The VKC Husky is drop-dead gorgeous and the ease with which he learns is amazing.