With no fanfare whatsoever, the VKC unexpectedly released an upgrade for the Great Danes on Saturday (2013-04-13), plus a new dog, the Black Great Dane, that is available for adoption now in the VKC Parks.

You can catch all the details in the Release Notes, but the highlights of this upgrade for the Fawn and Harlequin Great Danes include the addition of new Pathfinding skills, new collars and bandanas, three petting animations, and new turing commands. With a simple spoken command, the upgraded dogs are able to move in either the familiar Traditional mode or the superior Pathfinding mode.

The RFL Great Dane received the same upgrade as the Fawn and Harlequin dogs, but this dog now has a set of special collar textures in addition to his special bandana textures.

Since the RFL Great Dane has been retired forever and since so many requested a Great Dane with that exquisite black coat, we have released the VKC Black Great Dane. He will wear the same collars and bandanas as the Fawn and Harlequin Great Danes and have the same great set of skills and petting animations as they do. Additionally, the Black Great Dane will contribute to charity. One-half (50%) of the adoption fees of the Black Great Dane will go to the current Widget Charity. You can see the current charity and read up on the previous ones on the Widget page.

There are some important differences between the RFL and the Black Great Danes. Last year, the VKC donated US$611 to Relay for Life based on the number of RFL Great Danes who were adopted during that event, after which the dog was retired permanently. As part of this upgrade, new collars with special textures were created for the RFL Great Dane as an addition to his special bandana textures, and he retains his breed name to signify that adopting him reflected your support for the great work of Relay for Life of Second Life.