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VKC Thanksgiving Event Wrap-up

posted Nov 27, 2011, 9:57 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Nov 27, 2011, 10:09 PM ]

Participants from all corners of SL pronounced the VKC Thanksgiving Fun Hunt and Party a huge success. Even on Sunday, the day after the last of the event had wrapped up, people were still talking in the Virtual Kennel Club about how much fun the hunt and party had been.

The events kicked off with the VKC Fun Hunt, a 24-hour hunt for 12 hidden turkeys, most of which were very easy to find. Of the 54 people who started the hunt and found at least one turkey, 46 completed it by finding all 12 turkeys. These folks each won a VKC Fun Hunt Prize especially crafted for this event. The prize was a VKC Toy System 2 toy made from an ear of ornamental corn, donated by the Perky Puppy.

Those 46 lucky folks who had found all the turkeys were automatically entered into a drawing for the grand prize, a VKC Dog! Under the close scrutiny of LilWitch Allen wearing her special turkey hat, Erie Runningbear touched the Prize Hat to trigger the random drawing. Scorpio Zane was the winner of this grand prize. For her prize, she was able to choose any VKC Siberian Husky, a VKC Golden Retriever, any VKC Wolf, or the upcoming VKC Dog.

The Party kicked off on Saturday when the hunt ended. Our wonderful DJ, Irish Evermore, choose music perfectly suited to the theme, music guaranteed to get people up and dancing. Some folks came early, stopping by on their way to RL and SL obligations; some folks showed up once the party was rollicking. A core group of folks stayed for the entire party. In short, a steady stream of people flowed into the party.

See more photographs from the VKC Thanksgiving Fun Hunt and Party on our Flickr pages.

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