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posted Mar 23, 2015, 11:51 AM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 11:54 AM ]

22 March 2015

We have made a few improvements to the way your VKC Pets operate. These changes will go into effect when you claim or update your pets at the VKC Clinic.

Jump Limit

The jlimit command has been introduced so that you can control how high your pet will jump when he attempts to get over something. This will free you from having to retrieve your pets from the roof of your house or shop, for example.

The default setting for the jump limit is 1.75 meters. You may find that you do not need to change this setting, but it is available if you do. The command is

fido jlimit <height in meters>

For example:

fido jlimit 2

fido limit 2.5

There is an upper limit to the setting of 20 meters. Anything above this will be capped at 20 meters.

You can reset the jump limit to the default by saying

fido jlimit -1

The Jump Limit update applies to all VKC Pets.

Pathfinding is Off by Default

Pathfinding is a wonderful feature that the VKC Pets have, but we have found over time that a good number of customers either do not own their land and have no control over the land settings, or have difficulty optimizing their land so that pathfinding will operate smoothly. Starting now, the default mode for parthfinding when you rez your pet from the Clinic after claiming or updating will be the traditional (non-pathfinding) mode.

Pathfinding is still available in the VKC Pets and the commands pf on and pf off still apply.

For those of you who prefer to have your dogs in pathfinding mode, you can make a trick called init to tell your animal to be pathfinding when you rez it. The init trick is an excellent one to use to always have your dog in the proper mode and even wear the proper color of collar or bandana, too.

For example, to teach your dog to have collar #32 and pf on, you would say,

fido learn init collar 32 pf on

Then, when you rez your pet after claiming it from the Clinic he will automatically do the init trick. He would then be wearing the collar color #32 and his pathfinding mode would be on.

The PF Off update applies to all Pathfinding-enabled (Series II pets.

New Sleds

You may also notice that the big square transparent "sled" around your pet's feet has changed size or even changed shape. This is to make the collision detection more efficient in Traditional Mode and help the pets work out how high they need to jump when they are going to jump over an obstacle.

The sled update applies to all Series II (Pathfinding Enabled) pets.

Blink Command

You can now turn the blink on or off by saying,

fido blink on

fido blink off

This should be helpful when photographing your dog. Nothing is quite so frustrating as having someone's (or your pet's) eyes closed in a photo. :)

The Blink update applies to all Pathfinding-enabled (Series II) pets.

We hope you will find these changes to be useful to your animals as we continue our efforts to keep VKC Pets the best in SL.