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VKC8B Games!

posted Sep 20, 2014, 6:17 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Sep 21, 2014, 8:08 AM ]

London had the Olympics, Sochi had the Winter Olympics, Brazil had the World Cup and Glasgow had the Commonwealth Games. Here at the Virtual Kennel Club in Second Life, as part of the celebration of our Eighth Birthday, we’re having the VKC8B Games. It’s not quite as famous as the other events we mentioned, but we think that the top prize of a VKC Geiger Puppy (yes, that’s right, a new puppy release!) is every bit as good as a gold medal!

There are five stages to the VKC8B Games. They are all variations on a theme and they are all things that you and your dog (cat, bear, wolf or rabbit) can do together. They start off fairly easy, but some of them are trickier than others and the last one might even require a little thought!

  • The Games run from Sunday 14 September 2014 for two weeks. 
  • The Games close on Sunday 28 September 2014 at 8:00 PM SLT.

Ready to play?

The first thing to do is update your pet to the latest version so that he has the plugin script for the hunt.

Stage 1 — Hunt the Slipper

This is a simple token hunt like we played last spring time in the Mad March Hunt

He will run off to look for a slipper and when he finds one he will bring it back to you. 

The deposit point for the Hunt the Slipper Stage is a Shoe Box. Your pet will need to take the Slipper over to the Shoe Box and drop the slipper. He doesn’t have to get it right inside the Shoe Box, but he does have to get it inside the red ring which you will see around the box. 

Every slipper that you drop into the box counts towards your total score. When your score matches the required amount, you can claim your prize for this level.

Requirements: 24 Slippers (any color)


You can hunt for Slippers at one or all of the locations.

Prize: Black and Gold Slipper Toy — Special Edition for VKC8B

Stage 2 — Cake Ingredients

We need to gather all the ingredients for Bo’s Birthday Cake!  This is a similar game to the Hunt the Slipper stage, but this time there are several different things that you have to collect and drop into the Mixing Bowl.


  • 1 Bag of Flour
  • 4 Eggs
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 Jar of Honey
  • 1 Jar of Peanut Butter
  • 1 Carton of Milk
  • 2 Carob Bars
  • 8 Candles

You can use the “findit” command like before. It’s easy to begin with.  You say findit and fido brings home the Cake Ingredients, but after a while you may find that your pet doesn’t always find the things that you need. You might have to do a little searching for yourself if you’re going to get the last few items. 


You can hunt for Cake Ingredients at one or all of the locations.

Prize: VKC8B Birthday cake toy.

Stage 3 — Water Toys

This is similar to the previous stage, you need to collect a number of different items and drop them in the basket. But this time there is swimming involved! All the toys that you need to retrieve this time are floating in the water. Can pathfinding dogs swim? Can cats? It’s not hard to get them to do it and you might be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it is, for you and for them.  In fact, I think they rather like it! We’ll leave you to work out how exactly to do it. 

Requirements — Collect 4 of each

  • Orange Dummy
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Life Belt
  • Stick
  • Whale
  • Orange Ball
  • Yellow Rubber Bone
  • Green Flyer
  • Red Flyer

The deposit point for this stage is a Treasure Chest. It’s located on a floating platform.

You can use the "findit" command like before, but if Fido doesn’t come back with the right things, you might need to dive in and help him find them!


You can hunt for Water Toys at one or all of the locations.

Prize: Three new Vavoom! Toys

  • Yellow Submarine
  • Green Flyer
  • Orange Retrieval Dummy

Stage 4 — Balloon Burst

This is a fun stage! Find Balloons around the parks and get your pet to burst them.

Balloons are placed singly, in pairs, in groups of four, and occasionally in a group of eight. Each balloon in the group counts as one point towards the total required.

Use the "findit" command to locate balloons and then use “burstit” to burst them.

Requirements: Score 150 Points.


At Canis Beach you can also find balloons in the Dog Park and in the Training Area

At Turing Isle you can find Balloons in all the public areas, not just the Dog Park. So make sure you look in the stores, in the Training Area and other areas of the park!

You can hunt for Balloons at any of the locations.

Prize: Vavoom! Balloon Bursting Game.

Stage 5 — Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a RL event where dogs search among the bales for a rat in a tube. The dog has to make sure he finds and indicates the correct tube and not one of the decoys. In the VKC Version, your pet has to get the toy chosen by the rezzer and drop it into the crates near the hunt sign. The toys are all familiar from the VKC Toy Box, but watch out! This is a bit trickier than the previous games, don’t get fooled by the decoys. 

Click on the sign to start and wait while the barn layout rezzes.

When it finishes rezzing it will tell you which toy you must find and retrieve and it will display a picture of the toy above the sign. 

Do not use “findit” with this game. You will need to work out the commands for yourself to get your pet close to the toy that you want before you tell him to take it.

  • Ten points are awarded for each correctly deposited token.
  • Five points are deducted for depositing the wrong token.

The layout of the barn, the toy, and its location are chosen at random for each round.

Requirements: Score 100 Points



  • Special Edition VKC8B Donut Bed

Barn Hunt Hints

Try using "noseit". If you do not know how this works, say fido manual and look it up on the website or check here.

When you work out the commands that you need, try teaching a trick to help save you typing!

Collecting Your Prizes

As you complete each Hunt Stage, you can claim your prize for that stage from Hunt Central. You can claim them one at a time as you go along or all in one go at the very end, the choice is yours.

All of the Prizes — except the Puppy — are copiable. If you decline the prize or delete it by accident, you can reclaim it from Hunt Central. If you decline or lose the Puppy, you can reclaim him at one of the Clinics, just like you would with your other pets.

Notes, Rules, and More Hints

(In no particular order)

Pets must to be within 3 meters of the tokens to be able to take them in the Slipper Hunt, Cake Ingredients and Water Toys Stages. In the Barn Hunt, they need to be within 1 meter.

Can’t remember what stage you’re at? Say fido getscore and he will remind you which stage you are playing, how much you have done and how much more there is to do before you finish the stage.

While playing the early stages of the game (Slipper Hunt, Cake Ingredients and Water Toys), it is possible for players/pets to retrieve tokens from the later stages. These will count towards the relevant stage when the player reaches that stage. But, if the player wishes to claim prizes, they may not skip stages. 

If you move away from the Barn Hunt area while you are playing, the game will reset within five minutes. 

At the very end of testing the Barn Hunt stage, I encountered a situation where my dog took three tokens that were very close together. My strategy was to move to a place away from the crates and drop all the tokens. I told the dog to take the token that we needed by saying “take tokenName” and we went to the crates and dropped the token. The token did not register. I have been unable to work out a fix for this. If it happens to you and you do not wish to incur a five point penalty by abandoning/restarting your attempt at the Barn Hunt, my advice is to go to a different Barn Hunt location and try again there. The Barn Hunt that you leave behind will reset automatically within five minutes of you leaving and it will not record a penalty.

If a pet jumps onto balloons, they will be burst when the player is playing the lower stages, but they do not count towards the Balloon Burst stage.

If your pet won’t find that last, elusive Cake Ingredient or Water Toy, try finding it yourself. Call your pet over close to it and tell him to take it.

All prizes are NON-TRANSFERABLE. 

Only ONE (1) Geiger Puppy is available per player. 

Tokens and Balloons are respawned every 5 minutes.