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VKC Anniversary Celebration!

posted Aug 28, 2010, 4:09 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Aug 28, 2010, 7:16 PM ]

We have something very special goings on this weekend in the VKC Dog Parks in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Enrico Genosse's Virtual Kennel Club!

The Virtual Kennel Club Fourth Anniversary Book

Drop by any VKC Dog Park and pick up your copy of the VKC Fourth Anniversary Souvenir Book

This gorgeous publication documents the story of the dogs' beginnings and illustrates the history of the dogs so far. It was lovingly put together for us by Blu Heron, an old friend of the VKC and a dog owner from way back in February 2007. We showed it to Enrico earlier and he was delighted with it. We think you'll enjoy it too. 

When you are in one of the VKC Dog Parks, look for the red box with the gold lettering. You can wear the book as a HUD or rez it in world to view it with your friends and loved ones.

Prize Draw for a Dog or a Hyena at Canis Beach and Canis Park

Canis Beach is so proud to be one of the VKC Dog Parks that you all come to visit! This weekend we celebrate the creator of our amazing dogs, Enrico Genosse, and the wonderful gift he has given to us all.

Canis Beach will give away two ‘dogs’ in two separate raffles.

  • Until Saturday, August 28 @ 9 am SLT, go to Canis Beach or Canis Park at Raglan Commons and enter to win a dog of your choice from the re-homing area (excluding the Polar Bear and the Hyena — the Hyena will be in the second raffle). For this special event, the re-homing area will have plenty of dogs from which to choose.
  • From 1 pm SLT Saturday, 28 August until Sunday night, 29 August @ 8 pm SLT, we will do it all over again. This time the winner will receive a Limited Edition VKC Hyena!! If you missed out before on a opportunity to own your own Hyena, now’s your chance!

Both raffles are open to all members of the Virtual Kennel Club, the official VKC group! Enrollment is open and free to join, but please don’t be a join, click and leave sort of person, please. We want this to be fair to all.

So, go to Canis Beach or Canis Park at Raglan Commons, find the Borst puppy who will be out on the sims somewhere (but easy to find… he is HUGE). Click him and you will be automatically entered. Only your first click counts!

We will draw the winners as soon as entries close and announce them in the Virtual Kennel Club group and the Canis Beach Subscription group.

Enter to Win a LogSpark VKC Dog Bath

We are running four separate draws for Fat Packs containing all three sizes of the LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC Dogs. If you've never seen this dog bath in action check it out in our video. Complete with animations by Solcar Amat (yes, the guy behind the petting animations in the dogs), there is nothing else like this in Second Life.

You can enter the draws by visiting the Dog Parks at: Caledon, Turing Isle, Caledon Brigadoon and Hewes. There is a separate draw for each park. Look for the easel with the screen showing the video in world. The Prize Draw box will be beside it.

The winners will be drawn at 10:00 AM SLT Sunday 29 August. We will then wipe the entrant list clean and start another draw that will be drawn at the same time on Monday 30 August. So wait… that's not four draws… that's eight!

Gestures and Your VKC Dog – Seminar with Solcar Amat

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM SLT, Turing Isle

Solcar has been using gestures to command his VKC Dogs for almost as long as we have known him. In this workshop he will demonstrate how to create gestures to say something fun and interesting to your dogs in chat whilst cunningly hiding the commands in the Gesture and creating the illusion of using natural sounding speech to handle your dogs.

The first half-hour of this session, from 10:30 to 11:00, will be aimed at beginners to Gestures and will cover how to create SL Gestures in general.

The second half hour, from 11:00 to 11:30, will discuss and illustrate how you might use gestures with your VKC dog or dogs. So if you're already familiar with creating gestures, you could just drop in for the second half.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of Solcar's top quality notes and slides while you're there.

Blues with Tone Uriza

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM SLT, Turing Isle

We're delighted to have our old friend Tone Uriza back at Turing for another lunchtime Blues session today. Grab the LM below or holler to Blu or Sandry for a limo and come hear Big Daddy Blues at work... or is that play?

Country with Kim Seifert

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM SLT, Turing Isle

We're equally delighted to have another old friend coming over this afternoon. Kim Sefert's music is "Like a beautifully aged Cabernet... with just a dash of Tabasco" and we're really looking forward to seeing her over here again. So grab the LM below or holler to Blu or Sandry for a limo and come hear Kim in action.

Music at Endeavor Cove

Check out these great acts at Endeavor Cove! Drop by to enjoy the music and a chance to win a free VKC Dog!

Friday, 27 August
  • 2 pm - Aurora Metaluna
  • 5 pm - Lonewolf Genesis
  • 6 pm - Geoffrey Steuart
  • 7 pm - Tricky Digfoot Band

Saturday, 28 August
  • 5 pm - Leon Dreadlow
  • 6 pm - Lonewolf Genesis
  • 7 pm - Eliz Watanabe
  • 8 pm - ReggieSunset Rookswood
Sunday, 29 August
  • 5 pm- Hogan Baily
  • 6 pm - EdHausen Morpork
  • 7 pm - Chandra Deed
  • 8 pm - Chapman Zane

Music at Gold Rush Ranch

Check out these great acts at Gold Rush Ranch! Drop by to enjoy the music and a chance to win a free VKC Dog!

Friday, 27 August
  • 7 pm - Death Halostar
  • 8 pm - Artel Brando
  • 9 pm - Chip Takacs
Saturday, 28 August
  • 5 pm - AM Quar
  • 6 pm - Coda Cazalet
Sunday, 29 August
  • 2 pm - CECI Dover
  • 3 pm - Eliz Watanabe
  • 4 pm - FrankLee Anatra
Grand Opening of the Shops at Hewes and Gold Rush Ranch

We are especially happy to have the opening of the shops at Hewes and Gold Rush Ranch coincide with the Fourth Anniversary celebration. Be sure to check out the new shops as well as the any of the existing shops at Caledon, Turing Isle, Steelhead Port Harbor, Canis Beach, Endeavor Cove, and Cocoa Beach.