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VKC Outreach

posted Jun 18, 2013, 4:56 PM by Rosanna Himmel

As faithful readers will no doubt remember, the VKC has a history of supporting RL charities, most of them related to the rescue and shelter of dogs. It all began in 2009 when the Widget and the original Polar Bear were introduced.

The original Polar Bear was free to anyone who was a member of the VKC. If you were not a member, you could join the group at a temporary fee, secure in the knowledge that the membership fee would be part of a contribution to the World Wildlife Fund. In January 2010 Mr. Genosse sent a contribution of $250 and the fee for joining the VKC was removed.

The Widget was the VKC's first mixed-breed dog and he has proven to be tremendously popular ever since his introduction. And this is a good thing because a portion of his adoption fees are donated regularly to an dog-related charity somewhere in the world. Charities are selected from among those nominated by VKC Patrons. In April 2013, the Black Great Dane joined the Widget as a VKC charitable dog. Now a portion of the adoption fees from both dogs go to support what can come to be called the "Widget charities." To date, 19 different charities from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have benefitted from the program, receiving a total of US$ 3,277 so far.

The Polar Bear was reprised in his role as charitable bear when he raised funds for Project Fur Japan, an organization created in SL in support rescue efforts in Japan. All of the adoption fee, for a total of L$14,000 was donated toward helping ill-fated but well-loved dogs and cats and other pets in real life, victims of the tsunami in Japan in 2011.

On 30 March 2012, the VKC released a Special Edition RFL Great Dane. This dog, which has a black coat, sports a bandana instead of the usual collar and has a special petting animation. Most importantly, a portion of the adoption fees for the RFL Great Dane were donated in support of 
Relay for Life of Second Life and the search for a cure for cancer. By the end of RFL in 2012, Mr. Genosse donated US$611.
Recently, the VKC released a special edition RFL Rabbit in Support of Relay for Life of SL. During the Home and Garden Expo 2013, all the adoption fees for this special bunny were donated to Relay for Life. Now through the end of this year's RFL campaign, half of the RFL Rabbit adoption fees will be contributed to this wonderful cause: Relay For Life and the fight against cancer.