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VKC Supports Project FUR Japan

posted Apr 2, 2011, 1:34 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Apr 10, 2011, 4:28 PM ]

Please support Project FUR Japan, a real-life effort that takes place in our virtual world of SL. The brainchild of Blazin Aubret, Project FUR Japan came about in response to the tragic situation in Japan. Uncounted animals, separated from their owners by the colossal earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, and relocation of so very many people, need our help. Project FUR Japan is a fund raising event for animals in crisis due to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. 100% of all sales of all products at the benefit are being donated to JEARS.

We are very pleased to announce that the very desirable VKC Polar Bear and the immensely enjoyable VKC Penguins are back on sale again for a very limited period. The Virtual Kennel Club has joined with other premier creators in SL in support of this fundraising and awareness project. An entire sim is filled with items offered for sale by creators who are donating 100% of their sales in support of the lost, hurt, and homeless pets that were unavoidably left behind in Japan.

The donations from Project FUR Japan will all go to a wonderful group, Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, a coalition of three organizations to help animals affected. Consisting of Animal Garden Nigata, Japan Cat Network and HEART-Tokushima, these groups have been rescuing and rehoming animals in Japan for many years. Their mission: Coordinate relief efforts for some earthquake/tsunami animal rescues, provide shelter space and keep the public informed of what they are doing. Monetary and resource donations received will be used strictly to help the animals.

If you missed earlier opportunities to adopt a polar bear or a penguin, now you can. And you can feel good about it knowing that 100% of the adoption fee will end up helping ill-fated but well-loved dogs and cats and other pets in real life. From April 2 to April 30 2011 you can get a VKC Polar Bear or a VKC Penguin from our place at the Project FUR Japan Sim. ♥

The Project FUR Japan sim will open on 2 April 2011. Visit early and often. The animals need us! 



Update: 3 April 2011
Enrico Genosse sent the following notice out to the membership of the Virtual Kennel Club.

How much money will we raise in a week?

I have to do something for the animals in crisis in Japan. For the next seven days I will donate ALL the revenue from VKC Dog adoptions to JEARS, the group coordinating animal rescue and support efforts in Japan.

There is something you can do too. Bring your friends to a VKC Park and adopt a dog. Everyone who adopts a VKC Dog this week not only gets a wonderful SL companion, they also help someone's distressed RL companion. Let's see just how much money we can raise!


Update: 6 April 2011

The VKC Polar Bears and Penguins have raised L$123,000 for Project FUR so far.

Hugs to all you who have supported VKC and Project FUR Japan! You're the best!


Update: 10 April 2011

Enrico Genosse just donated L$250,000 to Project FUR Japan on behalf of the Virtual Kennel Club! This donation comes from adoptions of VKC Dogs at the VKC Dog Parks during the first week of the project. Of course, the donations from adopting the Penguin and Polar Bear are going directly to the fund and will continue for the duration of the project. Also, for the balance of April a part of the adoption fees for the Widget will be contributed.

Hugs to the patrons of the Virtual Kennel Club for showing such resounding support! You are the most generous and supportive folks around. By adopting a VKC pet, you have made a substantial contribution to an important relief effort for Japan. It is your contribution that makes it possible! The VKC thanks you. The lost, homeless, and injured pets thank you. Their families thank you.

Here is why any of this matters.