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What Training Do VKC Dogs NEED?

posted Feb 20, 2011, 11:04 AM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 11:26 AM ]
Solcar Amat teaches class VKC Dog Training Class
Solcar Amat (left) teaches a VKC Dog training class at Turing Isle each weekend.

People often ask questions about what training a VKC Dog needs. The answer is simple.

The VKC dogs are perfectly fine with no training whatsoever. When you first adopt a VKC Dog, he already knows everything he needs to know to be a wonderful, loving pet. On the VKC website there is a nice article about getting started with a VKC Dog that shows just see how easy they are.

The thing that makes VKC Dogs stand out from all other pets in SL is the fact that they are smart and that they can learn in a way that is quite natural. This is because they have true artificial intelligence (AI). As he learns, each dog develops a personality that is unique to him.

At the most basic level, a VKC dog learns from experience. At the next level, a VKC Dog learns by praise from his owner and others. Whenever Fido does something you like, you can tell him, "Fido good." When he hears this, he learns that you like what he did and he will be more likely to repeat those things that earn praise. Finally, the VKC Dog learn through training.

Some people take pleasure in training their dogs to perform special skills or tricks. Master VKC Proven Trainer Solcar Amat, the person responsible for the wonderful petting animations for the VKC Dogs, offers free training classes every week at Turing Isle for those who wish to take their relationship with their dog to the next level. The class on Saturday morning at 6:00 SLT focuses on basic skills. On Sunday morning at 7:00 SLT, the training class is geared toward more advanced interests.

If you would like to take part in these free classes but find the scheduled times inconvenient or impossible for you, drop by any VKC Dog Park, walk over to the Dog Clinic, and chat help. You will get a list of available trainers, any of whom can connect you to a training class at a time that is better for you. If no trainers happen to be available at the moment you call, an E-mail will automatically go out to all the VKC Park Service and someone will get back in touch with you.

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