Image for the Winter Formal and Skate Party at Canis Pond on Sunday Jan 19th at noon

"She is phenomenal!" says LilWitch Allen when asked to describe the headliner at the VKC Winter Formal, Noma Falta. "You're going to love her music!"

Noma Falta kicks off the party at noon, SL time, at the Canis Pond on Sunday, January 19. Following Noma is none other than Touchie Kesterberg spinning the tunes for us.

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for all season: time to wear your finest gowns adorned in feathers, furs, filigree, or fringe or to embellish your best formal wear with a top hat, a pearl-handled walking stick, or ribbons and medals.

We had planned to have a formal dance in January, but due to a lingering cold snap, the Canis Pond is still frozen over and in prime condition for skating, So, we are doing both! Those who prefer decorum can dance to the music and those who are looking for some thrills and spills can skate. If you don't like to dance or skate, you can simply hang out, play with the VKC Pets, and have fun! Whatever you like to do, this will be a good time!

Brought to you by the VKC Social Committee, the Winter Formal Dance and Skate Party is sure to be a cool time. The committee members have put together the setting, the music, the time. All you need to do is bring your friends and your favorite pets.

Mark your calendar!

  • Winter Formal and Skate Party
  • Sunday, 2014-01-19
  • Starting at noon, SLT
  • At the Canis Pond