VKC - Getting Help At The Clinic

Lost your Pet? Reclaim him at the Clinic

The VKC Clinic is where you can reclaim your pets if you have lost them. All you have to do is stand in front of the Clinic and say the word "claim" plus the name of your pet.

For example: if your pet is named fido, say: claim fido

Your pet will be delivered to your Objects folder. When he/she arrives, they are named as their breed. For example: Bloodhound II or Cedar Puppy. But, when you rez them, they will remember their name, tricks, marks and memories.

If you cannot remember the name of your pet, say: list and the Clinic will tell you the names of all of your pets and their breeds.

If you need more help, say: help . The Clinic will look to see if any of the Trainers are online and available so that you can page them. If no one is around, the Clinic will email the Trainers' group and someone will call you back.

Further Reading: The VKC Manual