VKC Dog Parks

Come Visit the Pets and Bring Yours to Play

We have Virtual Kennel Club Dog Parks at six different locations in Second Life. You are welcome to come and visit, or play with the pets in the parks whenever you wish and your own pets are, of course, also welcome to come with you.

There are games that you can play at some of the parks and any of them are a good place to let your pets out for a run around, because the change of environment and the other pets are a good stimulus for your pet's A.I.

Turing Isle

Most of Turing Isle is, one way or another, connected with the VKC Pets. There is a large Dog Park here where all the available breeds are always out. As with all of our Dog Parks, there is a VKC Clinic. There are also park games including Flyball, Auto Agility, Barn Hunt and Beat the Clock. There is a Training Area where classes are taught several times a week. You can pick up the schedule at the Information Kiosk in the centre of the park. Turing Isle also plays host to the main stores of Vavoom! and The Perky Puppy who are both creators of fine accessories for the pets. There are also some small stores for rent which sell a variety of items including plantpets, small birds and paintings. There is also a large store building where you can rent a little space to start your SL business. Finally there are the residences of two of the VKC Proven Trainers.

Neighbouring Turing Isle are is Turing Isle II, to the west, where some of the Trainers have their homes and Turing Breezes, to the east, where many of the residents are VKC Pet owners. If you are a resident at Turing Estates, you can walk to the Dog Park!


This is where it all began. Caledon was the first VKC Dog Park. We no longer have dogs for adoption there, but some of Enrico's dogs live there. The park also houses the maze which is a great way to see your pet's Pathfinding in action. Tell your pet "pf on", stand in the middle of the maze, call him to you and watch as he finds the best route to get to where you are.

Endeavour Cove

Endeavour Cove is another smaller park housed among the shops at this popular live music venue. This pleasantly landscaped park has a Clinic and a good selection of different VKC Pets. Check out the venue's listings to see who is due to be playing there.

Gold Rush Ranch

Gold Rush Ranch is a sandy Dog Park with a waterfront, nestled between forests to the North and the Aerodrome to the West. You will find a Clinic and a good selection of VKC Pets in the park.