VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program

Starting with the Virtual Kennel Club Husky, the VKC® pets will only respond to toys and accessories that they can recognize as coming from a Registered Accessory Creator (RAC). This program has been introduced for several reasons:

  1. Quality control — By implementing the RAC program, we can ensure that the accessories created by third parties for VKC Dogs meet a reasonable minimum standard of building and scripting. While there are a lot of well designed and well made products that interact with the dogs, there are also a number that are not well made. There are also a large number that are not even made by the sellers and are in fact old SL Freebies being passed off as custom-made VKC products.
  2. Trademark infringement — A number of people have been using the VKC Trademark without permission and misrepresenting themselves as part of the VKC and their products as VKC products.
  3. Sign of approval — The creators who have been producing top quality toys and accessories for the dogs deserve acknowledgement and recognition. The RAC program applies to all scripted accessories that interact with the dogs, including but not limited to toys, beds, dog houses, baths, and HUDs. It also applies to any accessory, scripted or otherwise that uses the VKC Trademark in its name, description, advertising or any other documentation.
Model of sign of approval for VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program

How do I tell if such and such a product is made my a VKC Registered Accessory Creator?

We maintain a list of all the current RACs here on our web site. If the creator has a store at one of the dog parks, we will also display an RAC sign in the store. The image to the right will help you recognize the VKC sign of approval and quality assurance.

How do you choose the RACs?

The initial compliment of RACs is taken from the group of creators that have been making quality accessories for the VKC dogs for some time.

How do I become an RAC?

We have a number of well-established creators taking part in the RAC program at the moment but for the time being we are not taking any further applications. Please check back on this page occasionally or check the announcements in the Virtual Kennel Club Group in SL to see when applications have been opened again.

List of RACs

  • Blu Sparkle
  • Aztek Aeon/Canis Canis
  • Chiva Vavoom
  • Chow Wise
  • Lailantie Core
  • Raven Greenspan
  • AnnarosaHimmel Resident
  • Sandry Logan