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Dingo Release Notes

posted Jul 14, 2013, 5:22 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Jul 14, 2013, 5:27 PM ]


The Dingo has the great features of the VKC Dogs and other animals including:

  • Pathfinding
    • Finds his way around obstacles, no more bumping into things
    • In and out of the house with ease
    • Smoother on heel and better heel positions
    • Explore, patrol and hidefrom instincts
    • Hide and show name
    • Improved toy resizing
  • Bandana with 40 textures individual to this breed (This animal has no collar)
  • Stands right on the ground
  • Motions and blinking

New Feature

With this animal we introduce a new feature called "cuddle". When you cuddle your pet, the animation plays continuously until you stand up (using the stand) button in the viewer.

The Dingo has the three petting animations of the other Series II Pets plus a cuddle animation.

Use the command setpet stroke, setpet scratch, setpet hug, or setpet cuddle to choose which animation to use when you pet the dingo.

Detailed Summary of Features for the Series II Pets

* Bandana/Scarf Textures — The Dingo has a bandana with 40 different textures. You choose the texture by clicking on the collar or bandana to cycle through the choices or by using the bandana command together with the number of the texture that you want to use. 

Contact sheet of bandana textures for the VKC Dingo

For example:

fido bandana <number>

where fido is the name of your dog and <number> is the number of the bandana on the textures sheet.

For example, if your dog is named Rex and you want him to wear the black bandana, you would say:

rex bandana 37

You can also say scarf instead of bandana, for example:

rex scarf 23

* Hide and Show the dog's name — You can use fido hidename and fido showname to hide or show your dog's name.

* New commands (in Pathfinding Mode)

  • Explore
  • Patrol
  • Hidefrom

* Improved positioning — The pets now stands right on the ground.

* Four petting animations — Choose fido setpet hug, or setpet stroke, or setpet scratch, or setpet cuddle.

* New options for the turn command — In the original dogs, turn was used with the compass points (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW) along with l for left, r for right, toward for turn to face the speaker and back for turn around and face the other way. 

In this dog, we’ve added some more options — avatars, other pets, left, right, and angles in degrees! 

For example:

  • fido turn enrico — Fido turns to face Enrico
  • fido turn bo — Fido turns to face a pet named bo
  • fido turn left — Fido turns 90 degrees left*
  • fido turn right — Fido turns 90 degrees right*
  • fido turn 130 — Fido turns 130 degrees to his right
  • fido turn -20 — Fido turns 20 degrees to his left

* The original turn l and turn r still work. They turn the pet 45 degrees just as they did before.