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Great Danes Release Notes

posted Apr 14, 2013, 2:39 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Apr 14, 2013, 3:50 PM ]
Release Date: 2013.04.13


These release notes cover the Regenerated Great Danes — Fawn, Harlequin and RFL — and for the Black Great Dane.

The Fawn, Harlequin and RFL Great Danes now have all the great features of the Series II dogs:

  • Collars and Bandanas (Scarf)
  • Three petting animations
  • Show/hide the dog’s name
  • Explore
  • Patrol

And so on. There are more details below.

About The Black Great Dane

As you will recall, around this time last year we released a black version of the Great Dane which we called the RFL Great Dane and we donated 50% of his adoption fees to the Relay for Life fund raiser in SL. It was always the intention to have the dog back later in the year albeit in a slightly different format, but what with pathfinding, cats and puppies the project was postponed. So now he’s finally here again.

What are the differences between the RFL Great Dane and the Black Great Dane?

There are three small differences between the RFL Great Dane and the Black Great Dane:

Breed Name • The RFL Great Dane was our contribution last year to the Relay For Life fund raiser. We donated 50% of the adoption fees to the cause, for a total of US$611. The breed name indicates that this was where the money went. The dog has been updated to have a collar as well as his bandana, but he will not be available in this format again.

The Black Great Dane will also contribute to charity. One-half (50%) of the adoption fees will go to the current Widget Charity. You can see the current charity and read up on the previous ones on the Widget page

Collar • The collar textures on the RFL Great Dane are exclusive to this dog.

The collar textures on the Black Great Dane are the same as those in the other Series II dogs.

Bandana (scarf) • The bandana textures on the RFL Dane are exclusive to this dog.

The bandana textures on the Black Great Dane are the same as those in the other Series II dogs.

Detailed Summary of Features for the Series II Dogs

Pathfinding — In Pathfinding mode, your dog will be able to find his way around obstacles, through doorways and so on without crashing into them. To get the best out of this new feature, you may need to do a little work on your land to optimize it for Pathfinding. Please watch out in the VKC Group for announcements of Pathfinding Classes. Otherwise, if your land is not ready or your landlord has disabled Pathfinding, your dog will still be able to work in Traditional mode.

fido pf off — Activates the traditional mode of movement

fido pf on — Activates the pathfinding mode of movement

Collars and Bandanas — All of the Great Danes now have a collar and a bandana (scarf) like the Bloodhounds and the other VKC Dogs who are Pathfinding-enabled.

The Fawn, Harlequin and Black Great Danes have the same set of textures as the Bloodhounds, Huskies and Golden Retriever.

The RFL Great Dane has a set of collar textures and a set of bandana (scarf) textures unique to this breed.

There are 40 different textures in the collars and another 40 textures for the bandana. You choose the texture by clicking on the collar or bandana to cycle through the choices or by using the collar/bandana command together with the number of the texture that you want to use. To change the collar or bandana directly, say: fido bandana <number> or fido collar <number> where fido is the name of your dog and <number> is the number on the textures sheet for the collar or bandana you want. 

For example, if your Black, Fawn, or Harlequin Great Dane is named Fido and you wanted him to wear the red spotted bandana, you would say:

fido bandana 35

You can also use the command scarf instead of bandana; for example:

fido scarf 35

Or, to get the dark brown collar, you would say:

fido collar 1

Collar (left) and Bandana (right) Textures for the Fawn, Harlequin and Black Great Danes

Collar Textures for the VKC Dogs Bandana (Scarf) Textures for VKC Dogs 

Click on the image to enlarge the contact sheet of textures. Right-click or control-click to download the image to your computer.

Collar (left) and Bandana Textures (right) for the RFL Great Dane

RFL Great Dane Collar Textures for VKC Dogs Bandana (Scarf) Textures for the RFL Great Danes from the VKC

Click on the image to enlarge the contact sheet of textures. Right-click or control-click to download the image to your computer.

Hide and Show the dog's name — You can use fido hidename and fido showname to hide or show your dog's name.

New commands (in Pathfinding Mode)

  • Explore
  • Patrol
  • Hidefrom

Improved standing — The dog now stands and walks right on the ground.

Three petting animations — Choose fido setpet hug, or setpet stroke, or setpet scratch.

New options for the turn command — In the previous dogs, turn was used with the compass points (n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw) along with l for left, r for right, toward for turn to face the speaker and back for turn around and face the other way.  In this dog, we’ve added some more options — avatars, other dogs, left, right, and angles in degrees!

For example:

fido turn enrico — fido turns to face enrico (an avatar)

fido turn rex — fido turns to face rex (another dog)

fido turn left — fido turns 90 degrees left*

fido turn right — fido turns 90 degrees right*

fido turn 130 — fido turns 130 degrees clockwise

fido turn -20 — fido turns 20 degrees counter-clockwise

* The original turn l and turn r still work. They turn the dog 45 degrees just as they did before.

To get the new version of your Great Dane, use the Regeneration Station at the Clinic at Turing Isle, Canis Beach, or Steelhead Port Harbor. There are instructions below.


Q. What is pathfinding?

A. Pathfinding is an amazing new Second Life feature that allows animals like the VKC Dogs to move around without crashing into things. They can find their way around obstacles instead of jumping over them and can find their way in and out of the house, provided the doors are open or if you have a fence around your yard, the dogs/animals will stay inside the yard. You’ll need to keep the gate shut and make sure there are no holes in the fence of course.

It takes a little bit of work to get your land set up for pathfinding, particularly your buildings. But it’s not difficult by any means and the results can be stunning. You can read more about it on our web site and on the Linden Wiki.

Q. How do I get the upgrades?

A. The process is very simple. You will need to visit one of the Dog Parks at Turing Isle, Canis Beach, or Steelhead Port Harbor to Regenerate your dog. See the instructions below.

Q. How do I Regenerate my dog?

A. Go to the VKC Clinic at selected VKC Parks and look for the sign named "Regeneration Station" on the kiosk near the clinic (Turing Isle and Canis Beach) or on the counter of the clinic (Steelhead). It has a picture of the Bloodhound on it.

  1. Rez the dog that you wish to regenerate near the clinic.
  2. Click on the Regeneration Station — It will look up the dogs you own that are eligible and show you the breed names in the menu. Choose the breed that corresponds to the dog that you are going to Regenerate.
  3. You will now see the names of the dogs that you can Regenerate. Choose a dog from the list.
  4. The Regeneration Station will ask you to confirm that you wish to proceed. 

After you have confirmed, your Regenerated dog will be delivered to your inventory. He will be in your Objects folder and his name will be "Breed_name II." For example, if you regenerate a Copper Husky, your dog will appear as an object "Copper Husky II." Simply rez this object and it will become your dog again, only better.

Q. Is there a charge for Regenerating my Great Dane?

A. No, Regenerating your Great Dane is free. It is also free for the Huskies, Golden Retriever and the Polar Bears.

Q. Why is there a charge for the Bloodhounds?

A. The Bloodhounds were completely rebuilt from scratch. This was a lot of work. They are essentially a brand new dog. We think that the Regeneration Fee is a fair price to convert your old prim Bloodhound to the new version.

Q. Will you rebuild the other old breeds?

A. Yes, we intend to rebuild the old prim dogs. We also intend to upgrade the more modern dogs — for example, the Wolves and Dachshunds — to have Pathfinding and the other new features. This is an ongoing process. We will also release new breeds in between the work on rebuilding and upgrading. It's not possible to say when a particular breed will be ready.

Q. Will you charge for the other updates?

A. The plan is to charge for the Regeneration of the old, prim dogs, just like we are doing for the Bloodhounds. Where possible, we will update the more modern dogs for free. Some dogs will require more work than others to make them compatible with Pathfinding and the other new features, and may incur a charge. We will announce charges at the time of their release.

Q. When will my <whichever> breed be upgraded?

A. The rebuilds and upgrades are an ongoing process.  We also wish to release new breeds in between the work on rebuilding and upgrading. It's not possible to say when a particular breed will be ready.

Q. My landlord has disabled pathfinding on my sim and he won’t turn it back on. Do you have anywhere I can rent where it will be more friendly for my pets?

A. Yes! You can find land at both Turing Estates which is owned by Enrico Genosse, Blu Sparkle and Sandry Logan, and Racer Group Estates which is managed by Aztek Aeon (of Canis Beach). Land at these estates is always pet friendly.

Q. Where are the Regeneration Stations?