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Minor Update, July 2010

posted Sep 26, 2011, 8:39 AM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 1:01 PM ]
This update applies to all VKC Dogs

Good news! As ever, Mr. Genosse is behind the scenes working to improve the VKC Dogs.

The big news is that we now can use the "here" command to carry the Jack Russell Terrier, just as we can carry the Bichon Frise and the Chihuahua. The Bichon and the Chihuahua now have an improved carry animation. The petting animation on the Jack Russell has been optimized for various lag conditions.

Additionally, Mr. Genosse added the following improvements:

  • The "manual" command now brings up the correct website.
  • The "stay" command now works as described in this manual. Now the dog will explain how to issue this command if you do it incorrectly.
  • The "name" and "rename" commands will not accept names of just one character. This is helpful because the dogs need at least two characters to recognize that you are talking to them. People who accidentally named their dog "I" or "." had trouble. Now this problem is eliminated.
  • The command "remember nothing nothing nothing" now properly resets overridden instincts back to their originals.
  • The dogs can no longer be petted when on "heel." This prevents people from interrupting the command.
  • The water command is improved so that the dog now will follow further commands on the command chain.

Mr. Genosse thinks he now has found a work-around in the dogs' scripts for that "spinning" problem we sometimes see, a problem that has been creating multiple collision events. We have tested this extensively in various settings and it seems to be much less of a problem.

To support the Jack's "here" command, a small new feature has been added to the "position" command. When you give your dog a new position —like "position 180 1" — the dog remembers his position setting. Then if you give the command "position -1 -1," the dog will return to the original setting. This is something like the "tint -1" command.

You can also add more commands for the "init" trick so your dog will remember more settings after an update at the Dog Clinic. You can now put "water avoid" in the init command along with other commands. 

If you want to put "greet-quiet" in the "init" trick, make sure it is the last command in the chain. The dog will ignore any commands after "greet-quiet."