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Penguin Update

posted Jan 15, 2012, 6:44 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Jan 15, 2012, 7:11 PM ]
VKC Penguin Update — Release Notes — 15 January 2012

What’s New?

Petting -- You asked. I responded. I put Solcar Amat, the VKC Animator, to work designing a petting animation for the Penguin. No longer must your Penguin stand by while you pet your other VKC animals. Now you can pet your Penguin, too.

Carrying — As soon as he finished the petting animation, Solcar went straight back to work to create a carrying animation also. It works the same way as it does in the other VKC animals.

Toys — The Penguins could never fetch or carry a toy before and I know that many owners felt that they would like them to be able to. So they are now fully compatible with VKC Toy System 2.

Instincts — Yes, the Penguins now have howl, fetch, getbone, rove, itch, shake and bang to bring their instincts into line with the dogs and bears. I also added a special slide instinct which looks really good in the snow or on the ice. Use it like you would “go” or “on”.

Poses — The Penguin’s poses have been tidied up, and the poses that he needed to complete the instincts have been added.

How do I update my Penguin? Do I just get him from the Clinic?

The Penguin Database is separate from the Dog Registry. You will find a Penguin Updater in front of the clinic in any VKC Dog Park. Click on it and, if you own a Penguin, it will deliver the updated Penguin to you.

Remember that your Penguins are copy, no transfer. Always keep a copy of your Penguin with his latest tricks in your inventory. If something happens, then all you have to do is rez another Penguin.

Will my updated Penguin know all the tricks that I taught my other Penguin(s)?

Sadly not. The Penguins are copyable and do not fit into the regular Registry system that looks after the dogs’ tricks, marks and memories. You will need to teach your new Penguin his old tricks. Your existing Penguin will give you a list of tricks that he knows when you say,

pen help

You can then tell him to tell you the instructions for each trick by telling him to list each trick in turn. For example:

pen list ballet

Using the list of commands that he tells you, you can copy and paste the instructions to teach the old tricks to your new Penguin. Once you have copied the instructions from your old penguin, you can teach them to your updated penguin. For example, if your penguin goes by the name of Chilly, you would copy the instructions for ballet from your old penguin (as above) and paste them after the command "learn ballet," like so:

chilly learn ballet pose gooddog turn r turn r turn r turn r pose beg turn l turn l turn l turn l sit stand sit stand wag

The VKC Proven Trainers will be happy to assist you with this if you wish.

What happens if I have a problem with the Penguin Updater and it tells me that I do not have a Penguin on record?

Please contact one of the VKC Proven Trainers. Show the trainer your original Penguin. The Trainer will then contact Blu Sparkle or Sandry Logan so that we can create a Penguin record for you. Please allow about 24 hours for us to do this.