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Siberian Husky Release Notes

posted Sep 26, 2011, 8:48 AM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 9:22 AM ]


New Permissions Defined Below!

New Features


The Siberian Huskies have multiple variations of the sit, stand, down, bellyup, beg and shake poses and the motions system means that they will switch between the variations creating a far more lifelike look for the dog. So if your dog is sitting, he will switch among the variations of sit.

The default setting for the motions is on and the dog will use the motions even in passive mode. If you really want your dog to keep still (perhaps for a photo) you can say

fido motions off

and he’ll keep still until you tell him otherwise.

New Toy Handling

The Siberian Husky has the most lifelike toy handling yet, he really does carry the toy in his mouth. He comes complete with some new system toys which are backward compatible with your existing VKC Dogs. The Siberian Husky will also work with most of your old toys. (Please see the section on Old Toys, below)

You can get a selection of new-system toys from the Kiosks in the Dog Parks. You'll find that some of the accessory stores also have them in stock.

To design the new toy system, I got together with Chiva Vavoom who has coded her own VKC Toys for years and among other things we agreed upon a protocol for a Lost Toy Remover system that will clean up lost new-system toys at the touch of a button.

Lower to the Ground!

The Siberian Husky is much lower to the ground than the previous dogs. The invisible "shield" is much thinner which makes him lower because we've introduced some new techniques in our building and scripting. The result is that not only does he stand lower to the ground, he also makes a lot fewer collisions than the previous dogs. This, obviously, is good for your sim!


There is a different petting animation in the Black and White Siberian Husky and the Copper Siberian Husky. The animation in the Black and White dog is based on the petting routine that Erie Runningbear had with his real life Siberian Husky, MicMac.

New Poses

  • sit2 sit3
  • stand2 stand3 stand4 stand5
  • down2 down3 down4 down5 down6 down7 down8
  • drop
  • bellyup2 bellyup3
  • touch1 touch2
  • shake2 shake3
  • beg2 beg3
  • rise
  • leap
  • land
  • howl2
  • play, play2

New Instincts

  • awesome
  • roll
  • itch
  • touch _
  • get _
  • rove
  • pounce
  • getbone

You’ll also find that we added roll, itch, get, rove and getbone to the Instincts for the other dogs and improved the behavior of “noseit”. When you next update your dog at the clinic, he’ll have the new Instincts. If you already taught these tricks to your dog, these new Instincts will not interfere with them. But if you want to reclaim a little space in your dog’s tricks memory for some new tricks, you can tell him to forget roll or itch or get and teach something new instead.

I have deliberately not described all those Instincts because it will be much more fun for you and your dog to try them out together. But I do want to mention that touch is designed to allow the dog to touch small objects and intended to be incorporated into your tricks, for example ringing the bell like the Chow Chows do. It will not work very well if you tell your dog to touch an avatar.


I’d like to thank the following for their help with the creation of the Siberian Husky:

  • Aztek Aeon and Erie Runningbear — Husky sounds and their invaluable critique on the appearance, movement and poses specific to the the VKC SIberian Husky
  • Blu Sparkle — Poses
  • Solcar Amat — Animations
  • Chiva Vavoom and Sandry Logan — Toy System
  • Rosanna Himmel — Websites and networking
  • The VKC Proven Trainers — Beta Testing and feedback

* Old Toys

Most of the old “following” toys will work with your new Siberian Husky, but not all.

Over the years I have seen some superb, innovative toys and accessories for the VKC Dogs and I have seen some dreadful ones too. I have received numerous complaints from owners about poor quality accessories being sold or given away and old SL freebies being passed off as original creations for the dogs. To address this matter, the associated spread of misinformation, and the Trademark Infringement, we have introduced a Registered Accessory Creator program. The Siberian Husky will not pick up toys for which he does not recognize the creator.

You will also find that the Siberian Husky ignores the old redball toy. We have released a new, improved version of the redball that works with the Siberian Husky’s new Toy System. You’ll find it at the VKC Kiosks along with the vkcbone toy. The new redball is backwards compatible with your existing VKC Dogs and features a cool new design that means it won’t roll away and get lost so easily.


~ Enrico