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VKC Cats

posted Jan 10, 2013, 9:03 PM by Rosanna Himmel   [ updated Jan 10, 2013, 9:05 PM ]

23 November 2012

It’s been many years since I was first asked to make a cat. I never took the idea very seriously, and I think that many people thought I’d never do it. But the Team has been applying increasing pressure over the last few months and, in the end, I gave in. Finally, we have a VKC Cat!

As you might expect, the VKC Cat is based on the dogs and has many of their features, such as tricks, marks and conditionable behavior. But, being a cat, she has some significant differences. For example, there are some new instincts and some modifications to the familiar commands that you use with the dogs.



  • screech
  • purr
  • clean
  • poke
  • bat
  • comehere

“comehere” is a pseudonym for “come” and there is more information about it below under the topic, Artificial Disobedience. The others will be far more fun to try out than to read about here.


  • wag — changed timing to make it slower
  • wander — removed wag
  • roll — changed timing to make it slower
  • rove — removed wag
  • itch — changed timing to make it slower


  • fetch (use get _ instead)
  • getbone

Other commands

  • purrstart - purrs continually
  • purrquiet - purrs quietly and continually
  • purrstop - stops continual purring
  • jingles on/off - turns the jingling bell sound effect on and off like in the Polar Bear Cub.

Modified Motions

Cat now uses five poses while resting, but she changes between them a lot less frequently than she does in “awake” poses.

Collective Terms

If you have more than one cat, you can call them all together using the collective term “cats”. You can also use “pets”, which will be added to the Dual Mode dogs in the near future. These terms are owner only, in the same way that “dogs” is owner only in your dogs.

New Poses

  • arch
  • bat, bat2, bat3, bat4
  • clean, clean2, clean3, clean4
  • rest, rest2, rest3, rest4, rest5
  • speak (formerly pose bark in dogs)


Your VKC Cat has most of the features that your VKC Dogs enjoy. You can teach tricks and marks as usual. You can nominate a friend with the “friend” command or mute someone that keeps pestering your cat. If your cat gets sick, you can take her to the VKC Clinic to make her well again and if she gets lost, you’ll find her at one of the Clinics in the Dog Parks, just like the dogs. Here are a few more feature highlights.

Dual Mode

Pathfinding and Traditional — Use pf on/off to switch between the two.

Artificial Disobedience

Sometimes your cat will do as you say and sometimes not. (More about this below.)

Three Petting Animations

Use the setpet command together with stroke, hug or scratch to change the petting animation.


Say kitty here for your cat to come over and jump up into your arms to be hugged. (Don’t forget to say kitty attach before you do this for the first time. You will also need to edit your cat to get her in the perfect position for your avatar.)

Texture Changing Collar

Use the collar command to change texture or click on the collar to cycle through the available textures. See the Cat Collars Texture Sheet to preview all 40 textures. There is also a light grey texture (collar 0) which works well with the c-color command allowing you to create your own color shade for your cat’s collar.

Cat Toy

Your VKC Cat has a knitted mouse toy that she can carry around and our VKC Registered Creators are working on some new cat toys. Your VKC Cat doesn’t like the dogs’ toys though and she won’t pick them up, and who can blame her? If you were a cat, you probably wouldn’t want to pick up things the dogs had been drooling over either. But watch out Kitty, the dogs can still carry your toys off!

More on Artificial Disobedience

VKC Dogs are renowned for being very obedient and eager to please. But VKC Cats are different. They’re not content to be just an ultra-obedient virtual pet. They have even more of a mind of their own than the dogs. Sometimes they do what you want and sometimes not. Your VKC Cat will disobey your commands and perform a different action instead, approximately 50% of the time.

There are some commands, however, that are immune to the Artificial Disobedience because you probably don’t want to have to chase the cat around just to get her to settle on your land or something like that. So the following list of commands are always obeyed:

  • comehere — a pseudonym for “come” but always obeyed.
  • help
  • mode
  • name
  • obey
  • pf
  • ping
  • roam
  • settle
  • stay
  • setpet
  • status
  • tp
  • water

There are also two ways to ensure that your cat obeys your wishes:

  1. Use channel 1. For example, if you type:  /1 kitty sit, the cat will always sit.
  2. You can turn the Artificial Disobedience on and off with the obey/disobey commands.