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When you go to a VKC Park, the first thing you will notice is that pets come from all directions to greet you. “Greeting Leo,” whispers the Australian Shepherd as she sniffs Leo Ligula inquisitively. “Noticed Trenz,” whispers another pet as he trots up to Trenz Pruca. Soon the pets are all around the visitors performing a variety of tricks. Some are rolling on their backs, others are offering their right paw in a handshake, still others are begging for our attention, and some let out an occasional howl or bark.

Choosing your favorite VKC Park is like choosing your favorite ice cream. There are those who prefer a richly-flavored confection made only from the finest ingredients, some opt to grab an ice cream novelty, and others go for ice cream blended with all manner of candies and nuts. So it is with the VKC Parks. There is no such thing as the best dog park in SL; there is only the VKC Park that suits you best.

The Parks of Second Life

Attracted to the formality and politeness of Victorian society, Enrico Genosse chose Caledon in 2006 as the location of his first enterprise in Second Life. Due to the popularity of the Caledon sims, he had his name on a waiting list for some time before he could open his first VKC park. Gentility and refinement, not massive computing power, are the order of the day there. As Caledon continued to be developed and as the number of breeds increased, the simulator bogged down. This is why only a selection of VKC Pets are available at Caledon.

To improve the situation for the dogs, Mr. Genosse teamed up with Blu Sparkle and Sandry Logan to purchase Turing Isle. The partnership, based in mutual trust, is sealed by no more than a virtual handshake. The idea for Turing Isle was that it would be a place for Enrico to have the dogs while Blu and Sandry used a portion for their LogSpark store. But ideas have a way of changing over time. First Blu, and then Sandry, found themselves spending more and more time with the dogs and the people who came to meet the dogs. Soon classes began to be offered on a regular schedule or whenever someone shows up with an interest in learning. Turing became everything that Caledon was, but more — more support, more speed, more room, more fun! Check out the Flyball Course and test your dog against the others! Take advantage of the other games for VKC dogs, including the teeter totter, the agility course, the basketball game. 

Nestled in the Coastal Pacific Northwest of America, the VKC Park of Steelhead Harborside became the location for another VKC park to be developed. Spurred by the impetus of Tanarian Davies, this lovely park offers the dog lover the full range of VKC pets, room to play, and a cozy picnic spot, plus shops that have been hand-selected by Miss Davies. The nearby Steelhead City is an American Victorian Steampunk Community. Dignitaries from both the Independent States of Caledon and the Citizens of Steelhead City were prominent at the grand opening.

Two more dog parks are at the VKC Park & Recreation Area at Endeavor Cove in Earpoint and the VKC Park at Gold Rush Ranch in Zecksnine. RichD Thomson and his partner, Eve Compton, have created a couple of fun places with an Australian theme. The grand opening of the park at Gold Dust Ranch was a spectacular affair. The show featured singing mermaids, dancing sailors, the sinking of a galleon, and a splendid fireworks show. Drop by Endeavor Cove to visit the dogs and stay for the show. Endeavor Cove offers live music several times each day featuring some of SL's most popular artists. The fun at Gold Dust Ranch does not stop at the borders of the VKC Dog Park. Bring a picnic and savor the great outdoors or explore the shops and activities set up especially for our favorite dogs.

In what was at the time a brand new sim developed around a Cape Cod theme, Aztek Aeon built the Rescue Park and Shops and opened Canis Beach VKC Park. Here one can find not only the VKC Dogs, but also training (for both dogs and their owners), shopping for all things pet-related, a challenging agility course and a race course for VKC dogs or for dog avatars, and many activities. Canis Beach Dog Park is also dedicated to supporting the efforts of real-life pet rescue and placement. One can tour the The Rescue Park to learn more about these RL organizations.

The VKC Parks in Caledon Brigadoon, another of the Caledon sims, is a cozy place to relax with your pets and visit with the people who drop by. The Park hosts a race course for your dogs and the park dogs, and the latest craze: Vavoom! Balloon Bursting games. Find out how many seconds your dog takes to pop all the balloons.

The Parks of InWorldz

At long last, the VKC has come to InWorldz! We'd like to thank Tranq and the Development Team for their work on Phlox and PhysX which makes it possible to have the Virtual Kennel Club Pets here at all. The first VKC Park quietly opened in the Turing Isle region of InWorldz in mid-January 2015 and interest grew steadily, mostly through word-of-mouth. The VKC Park is staffed by many of the same trainers that you know and love from Second Life. This is a full-service VKC Park with all the available VKC Pets, a training area, and shops with fun accessories for your VKC Pets.

Thanks to the kindness of Tanya Matahari, there is a small VKC Clinic located in a shopping center at Matahari Island. You can use this clinic to claim lost pets or update pets as needed, but there are no pets roaming around looking for people to adopt them.

The Pets

All VKC Parks offer dogs and other pets created by Mr. Genosse, the real-life expert in artificial intelligence who has created dogs capable of learning from experience, praise, and direct training. The pets appear in every park at the same prices. With the exception of the original park in Caledon, all of the VKC parks have a full compliment of pets. The park at Caledon has a selection of pets.

See the article on the Creation for a list of all the VKC Pets, both current and historical.