2012 Bunny Manual

NOTE: This is a legacy manual for the Bunnies released in 2012. For current information, please see the current Bunny page.

6 April 2012


Solcar Amat pets a VKC Bunny

The 2012 VKC Bunny was a gift to anyone who could catch a few when they were wandering around the VKC Dog Parks during the Easter season in 2012. Enrico designed it as a pet for our pets, something the dogs could play with.

When you rez your bunny, tell him to explore. Tell your dog to follow him and they'll wander around an area together. You can name your Bunny, just as you would any VKC Dog. If he has a name, he will respond to it and he will continue to respond when you address him as bunny or bun. You may want to set a range for your bunnies to be sure that they don't wander too far from home.

In April 2013, the VKC Series II Bunny was released. This improved bunny has many, many more features than any previous bunnies and it is now a fully functional VKC pet!

Three Bunnies — Black and white, grey and white, and honey


Your VKC Bunny will respond to commands given in chat that begin with his name, just like the dogs do. You can also use the collective form “bunny” or “bun” like you do with the Penguins.

  • come – Bunny goes to the speaker
  • explore – the Bunny hops around randomly inside his range/stay area.
  • go <avatar or object> - Bunny goes to avatar or object. Also Bunny go home to send Bunny to home position.
  • help — Bunny speaks his basic commands
  • manual — Bunny gives you a notecard with his manual.
  • motions < on/off > — Allows Bunny to change pose when stationery.
  • name/rename <new name> – changes the name of the Bunny. You can also use name on or name off to show/hide the name.
  • patrol – the Bunny hops around the approximate perimeter of his range.
  • ping – Bunny shouts region and co-ordinates (like the Dogs do).
  • poof – removes Bunny from sim (like the Penguins do).
  • pose <pose name> — tells Bunny to adopt one of his poses.
  • range <number> - sets range for Bunny to “patrol” or “explore” The Bunny will draw an imaginary box of <number> metres each side, with him in the centre. If he is patrolling, he will move around the perimeter of the box. If he is exploring, he will move around inside the box. Please note, this is not the same as stay in the dogs. If you call the Bunny, he will come outside this area.
  • sethome – makes a mark named home. This is the only mark the Bunnies can save.
  • speed < fast / medium / slow / reset > — sets the speed at which the Bunny moves (how far/high he jumps in each hop). The default setting is slow.
  • status – Bunny chats details of settings.
  • stop – stop exploring or patrolling. The Bunny will stop hopping and just stand.


Bunny Poses (animated)
Click photograph to see animation.

The Bunny has a charming animation for petting him. Try it. We are sure you will like it. The bunny rises up to meet the avatar as the avatar kneels in front of the bunny and stokes it gently. The animation ends as the avatar gives the bunny a quick kiss on the nose and stands up again.

Also, you can tell your Bunny to pose in certain ways using the command pose and any of the following:

  • stand
  • sit
  • sit2
  • sit3
  • up
  • down
  • down2
  • down3


The Bunny doesn't understand a string of commands like the dogs do.

When the Bunny is moving to a location, you can't interrupt him like you can with the dogs.


There are three different colored Bunnies: Black and White Bunny, Grey and White Bunny, and Honey Bunny (a light tan and white).

Prim Count

8 prims

Release Date

April 2012