How to Play with a VKC Dog

VKC® Dogs — Natural, Intelligent, Alive!

What to say

You can play with any of the dogs you find in the VKC Dog Parks in Second Life. They are the dogs with the name of their breed above their head. To command a dog, say (i.e., type in the chat window) the first part of the dog's breed name followed by a command. Here are some commands you can give them:

  • sit
  • stand
  • down (lie down)
  • bang (play dead)
  • beg
  • bellyup
  • shake
  • come
  • wag (wag your tail)
  • speak (bark)
  • sniff
  • help

You can also say 'go' followed by a person's first name and the dog will go to them! Here are some examples of what you can say.

  • chow sit
  • dob come
  • bloodhound down
  • lab go enrico

The dogs have many more commands, and you can teach your own commands to your dogs, too!

If you want to caress the VKC Pets, simply right-click on the animal and select "Pet me".

If you want to adopt one, right-click and select 'Pay'. After you pay the fee, you will find your dog in your Objects folder as the name of the breed you adopted. Drag it in-world and it changes its name to "Pup." Then you can rename it whatever you want, just say "pup name" and the name you want.

If you want some assistance by one of our VKC Proven Trainers, go up to the Dog Clinic and say "help." For more information on the dogs, check out these links:

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