VKC Proven Trainers

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The VKC® Parks Service (VPS) began informally. People are naturally attracted to Enrico Genosse’s dogs, but a few dedicated a significant portion of their second lives to playing with the dogs, inventing and teaching tricks, and helping one another. Frequent visitors to the parks came to recognize these folks and to rely on them for information, recommendations and advice.

This informal system sprang up because Mr. Genosse himself could not be in world enough. What’s more, even if he had more time in SL, he would rather spend his time developing new pets and improving the existing pets. The need for customer support exists and Mr. Genosse alone could not fill the need.

And so, the VKC Park Service came to be — with Blu Sparkle as Parks Director. The system of VKC Proven Trainers arose in an effort to ensure the quality of the trainers and to ensure that they were recognized for the essential services they provide. People who understand and love the dogs, those who naturally reach out to help others, now can contact Blu Sparkle about certification.

Those who are accepted work as an VKC Apprentice Trainer under the guidance of an experienced VKC Proven Trainer before taking an applied test to demonstrate their skills. For the test the apprentice receives a dog that has a problem and is assigned a specific trick to teach to the dog. Miss Sparkle observes the applicant’s diagnostic and problem-solving skills, knowledge of the dogs, and pizzaz when teaching the required trick.

Upon those who pass this test, Miss Sparkle bestows a VKC Novice Badge and the title, VKC Novice Trainer. The badge and title assure the public that the person is able to help VKC Pets and their owners. VKC Novice Trainers continue their studies by working closely with a different VKC Proven Trainer than the one with whom they worked as an Apprentice Trainer. 

Upon successful completion of the novice period, the novice is upgraded to full VKC Proven Trainer status and receives a fully-empowered VKC Proven Trainer Badge. The badge and title assure the public that this is a person who is skilled in handling VKC Dogs and helping owners.

Trainers teach VKC Patrons how to care for their dogs. Trainers also assist with problems such as lost or sick dogs or dogs who were not delivered by SL following adoption. They are responsible for upholding the VKC Charter to help ensure a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the parks. These VKC Proven Trainers work in all of the VKC Dog Parksrather than in any particular park.

Anyone needing the services of a trainer need only walk up to a VKC Clinic and say “help” in local chat. The Clinic will search for available trainers and present the patron with a list of who is available. The patron then clicks on any available name to summon assistance. If no trainers are online, an email message goes out to every trainer, assuring you of the support you need.

To make support even easier to obtain, the VKC Park Service also maintains a VKC Park Team sign in each VKC Dog Park. This sign lists all the trainers who are online and available to assist you, plus it shows which languages the trainer speaks most comfortably. All trainers are prepared to help all customers, no matter the languages involved. Simply click on any name to request assistance. ❧

VKC Parks Director

 Blu Sparkle

VKC Assistant Parks Director

 Sandry Logan

VKC Trainers

 Adushana, VKC Proven Trainer

 Dani OleanderVKC Novice Trainer

 Karys Aarde, VKC Proven Trainer

 Aztek AeonVKC Proven Trainer

 Canis CanisVKC Proven Trainer

 Rosanna HimmelVKC Proven Trainer

 Keiichi IchtamaVKC Proven Trainer

 Nanisternchen Martinek, VKC Proven Trainer

 Karenza "Ren" McCulloughVKC Proven Trainer

 WillofDarkness "Will" PexingtonVKC Proven Trainer

 Remmy RoelofsVKC Proven Trainer

 Renate1 RoelofsVKC Proven Trainer

 sbgurl82VKC Novice Trainer

 RichD TomsenVKC Proven Trainer

 Kate ValentineVKC Park Assistant

 Chiva VavoomVKC Proven Trainer

VKC Parks Service — We are here to help you!

Training Classes Offered

VKC Proven Trainers offer classes at regularly scheduled times and whenever someone requests a class. Check in world for more information.

VKC Proven Trainers will respond promptly when someone clicks a name of the VKC Park Team sign. If the sign is dark, simply say "help" to the clinic and an email will go out to the entire team. At least one trainer will respond to the email message as soon as practical.

VKC Proven Trainers

Often you will find several of the VKC Proven Trainers at VKC Events. Here they are at the Sakura Festival.

Left to right: Renate1 Roeloffs, Lailantie Core, Keiichi Ichtama, Sandry Logan, Erie Runningbear, Rosanna Himmel, Blu Sparkle, Canis Canis, Aztek Aeon, and Roe Woodford.